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{excerpt} is an Europeana aggregator that contributes Bulgarian cultural heritage{excerpt}

Bulgariana initiative is sponsored by !ITCC-logo.JPG! Korean-Bulgarian IT Cooperation Center.

h1. Mission Statement
[] will be a Bulgarian aggregator to [Europeana|] that will include
- Public website
- Confluence for discussion, technical materials, coordination and collaboration
- Digital repository for storing and presenting digitized cultural heritage
- Conversion/ingestion tools for converting objects to the required Europeana formats (ESE and in the future EDM)
- OAI/PMH endpoint for serving content to Europeana
- Semantic search using [OWLIM|] (in the future)

h1. Bulgariana Collections
- Pra-historic and Thracian Civilizations
-- unpublished Thracian archeological objects collected by Prof. Valeria Fol, Center of Thracology at the Institute for Balkan Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
- Golden Pages from the Bulgarian Renaissance
-- unique manuscripts of Bulgarian folk songs collected in 19th century by Miladinov Brothers, renowned Bulgarian Folklorists published in 2008 by D-r Luchia Antonova, Institute of Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

h1. Other Bulgarian Collections published in Europeana
- WebFolk - [Example record |]
-- published within Athena project
an online collection of Bulgarian folk songs gathered in 1997 by a team from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Website funded by “Open Society” Foundation, available in English and Bulgarian. Originally, a collection made by the Bosnian-Croatian Stefan Verkovitch, 1874
Entitled “Bulgarian Folk Songs from the Prehistoric and Prechristian Times”.
- Varna Museum Collection
-- published within Europeana Local initiative

h1. Bulgarian Digital Collections of Cultural Heritage
- [Bulgarian collection in F-Museum|]
- [Museum of Kjustendil|]
- [SU Digital|]
- [Plovdiv Archeological museum|]
- [Varna Museum of Archeology|]
- Digital Repository of Information and Knowledge - Fund "Bell Know" - Galina Bogdanova, Todor Todorov, Nikolay Noev (IMI-BAS)
- Bulgarian Folk Songs in a Digital Library - Lozanka Peycheva (Institute for Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum, BAS), Mikolay Kirov (IMI-BAS)
- [Multimedia Digital Libraries|]

h1. Bulgarian Collections Cultural Heritage

- Epigraphics
- Dialectology
- Archeology
- Ethnology
- Folklore
- Iconography
- Medieval church-slavonic texts

h1. Bulgarian Collections to be published in Europeana via Bulgariana

Please send your letter of intent describing your collection to or to

h1. Administrative Procedures for becoming Europeana Aggregator
- [Europeana Aggregator's Handbook |]
- [Europeana partner Request Form |^Europeana Partner Request Form.doc]
- [Data Exchange Agreement|]