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- Material: what a Physical Thing consists of
- Medium/Technique: how was it made (eg embroidery, oil-painting, etc)

For Susanna we have:"panel (oak)", object.technique="oil paint", frame material="wood, and gold plated"
We first represented them simply as E55 Type (obj:1 is the painting and obj:2 the frame):
obj:1 crm:P2F.has_type rkd-support:panel--oak_wood. #
obj:1 crm:P2F.has_type rkd-technique:oil_paint. # object.technique
obj:2 crm:P2F.has_type rkd-frame-material:wood--gold_plated. # frame material

However, [material_technique@crmg] shows a more specific picture.

It uses the following properties:
- E18 Physical Thing: [P45 consists of (is incorporated in)@crm]. E57 Material
- E12 Production: [P126 employed (was employed in)@crm]. E57 Material
This is a long-cut property of P45.
Its scope note says "the Material of P126 does not necessarily become incorporated into the Physical Thing", but I think we'll assume it does become incorporated, to correspond to the meaning of P45
- E12 Production: [P32 used general technique (was technique of)@crm]. E55 Type

So we need this:
<obj/2926/1> crm:P45_consists_of rkd-support:panel--oak_wood.
<obj/2926/1/production> crm:P126_employed rkd-support:panel--oak_wood.
# object.technique
<obj/2926/1/production> crm:P32_used_general_technique rkd-technique:oil_paint.
# frame material
<obj/2926/2> crm:P45_consists_of rkd-frame:wood--gold_plated.
<obj/2926/2/production> crm:P126_employed rkd-frame:wood--gold_plated.