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h1. Introduction

We need to select an RDF Visualization tool for:
- Documenting and explaining our RDF mapping
- (maybe) Using it in the GUI, if we can make some useful displays.
Eg the [Amsterdam Museum Linked Open Data|] (part of Europeana ThoughtLab) uses such graph visualizations. See
-- [Commemorative Plate|]
-- [Transom|]

The topic is well-developed. I've collected a bunch of links in half an hour.
- Fresnel and GSS are graph stylesheet and selection languages. We need the flexibility to configure what is displayed in the graph
- Many use graphviz dot, which is a well-known graph layout tool by AT&T and Vlado has a lot of experience with
- There's a bunch of Protege plugins

Fresnel & GSS are more promising since they allow flexibility in selecting what to display
Fresnel is most promising since it can visualize not only as a graph, but also as HTML (which we currently do with RForms)

h2. Tasks
TODO Vlado: post Fresnel notes from my PC

Someone should research tools in depth:
- reorganize the sections in a logical way
-- include a shot per tool (the most interesting one)
-- write a paragraph of impressions/annotation
- try out the most promising tools
- chase more links and gather more tools
- select the most appropriate tool
- visualize the RDF of the Susanna painting
-- using Jana's [Sample RDF Graph|Data and Annotation Mockup#Sample RDF Graph] as example.
This is only an example, talk to Vlado re different options

h2. Links
- [Bergman's semtech tools list|]
Search for Visualizaton, returns 95
- [Bergman on Gephi|]
"posts from a few years back dealing with 26 tools for large-scale graph visualization have been some of the most popular on this site"
- [W3C Wiki VisualizingRDF|]
S big list

h1. Fresnel-based RDF Browsers

Fresnel is a simple, browser-independent vocabulary for specifying how RDF graphs are presented.
- [Fresnel - Display Vocabulary for RDF|]
- [Fresnel - Video Lecture|]
- [SIMILE Project|]

h3. [IsaViz|]

IsaViz is a visual environment for browsing and authoring RDF models represented as graphs.


h3. [Longwell|]

Longwell (SIMILE Project) is a web-based highly-configurable faceted browser for RDF datasets.


h3. [Welkin|]

Welkin (SIMILE Project) is a graphical graph visualizer powered by RDF data and capable of displaying graphs with a real-time interactive visualization.


h3. [LENA|]

LENA enables viewing RDF data in your web browser, rendered according to the lens descriptions you provide.


h3. [OAT|]

OAT (OpenLink AJAX Toolkit) is a JavaScript-based toolkit for browser-independent Rich Internet Application development.


h3. [Fresnel Editor|]

Fresnel Editor allows the user to visualize RDF data using W3C Fresnel vocabulary.


h3. [Horus]

h1. GSS-based RDF Browsers

GSS (Graph Style Sheets) is an RDF (Resource Description Framework) vocabulaty for representation of data in a model of labeled directed graph.
- [Graph Stylesheets (GSS) in IsaViz|]

h1. Protege Plugins

Protege is a free, open source ontology editor and knowledge-base framework.

h3. [ezOWL|]
Visual OWL editor

h3. [GlowVis|]
OWL visualization tool

h3. [Jambalaya|]
Uses Shrimp to visualize Frames and OWL ontologies.

h3. [NavigOWL|]
NavigOWL is a visualization tool which is specially designed to explore ontologies.

h3. [OntoGraf|]
Interactive navigation of relationships in OWL ontologies

h3. [OntoViz|]
Visualize ontologies with AT&T's highly sophisticated [Graphviz|] graph drawing software

h3. OWL-S Editor
Visualize OWL-S services.

h3. [OWLGrEd|]
UML style graphical editor for OWL

h3. [OWLPropViz|]
Graphical presentation of OWL object properties

h3. [OWLViz|]
Class hierarchies in an OWL ontology can be viewed and incrementally navigated, allowing comparison of the asserted class hierarchy and the inferred class hierarchy.

h3. [PromptViz|]
Visualize differences between two versions of an ontology.

h3. [SOVA|]
Simple Ontology Visualization API: full ontology visualization

h3. [TGViz|]
Visualize ontologies using [TouchGraph|] library.

h1. Other Tools
A lot of the Protege plugins can visualize OWL ontologies

h3. Revelytix Semantic Modeling Notation
[Revelytix Semantic Modeling Notation|,%20SemTech%202010).pdf]
visualization of OWL2 ontologies, work sponsored by Department of Defence

h3. prefuse

Prefuse is a set of software tools for creating rich interactive data visualizations. The original prefuse toolkit provides a visualization framework for the Java programming language. Prefuse supports a rich set of features for data modeling, visualization, and interaction. It provides optimized data structures for tables, graphs, and trees, a host of layout and visual encoding techniques, and support for animation, dynamic queries, integrated search, and database connectivity.

- open source on git hub
- sparse updates, little development


# An interactive visualization applet, with a graphical annotation for the currently selected comment. The visualization is a stacked time-series visualization of the U.S. labor force, broken down by gender. Here the percentage of the work force in military jobs is shown.
# A set of graphical annotation tools.
# A bookmark trail of saved views.
# Text-entry field for adding comments. Bookmarks can be dragged onto the text field to add a link to that view in the comment.
# Threaded comments attached to the current view.
# URL for the current state of the application. The URL is updated automatically as the visualization state changes.