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See [Search UI Examples] for inspiration.

h2. Blogspot Layout

Google Blogspot has nice ways of presenting "pieces of info" in different layouts.
Eg go to [] and try:
- Classic, Flipcard, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot, Timeslide

In that case the piece of info is a blog post, in our case it's a comment/annotation/discussion...

(Blogspot also has nice templates, eg see [], but we won't go for such cosmetics in RS3)

h2. Artstor

[Artstor|] is a collection of images with super duper features to browse, search [incl. faceted search|], lightbox, view offline (OVI), mobile access, collect citations, [export to PPT|]...

In development: [Shared Shelf|]

- Cataloging Tools
- Vocabulary Warehouse
-- Cataloging tools
-- uses the Getty thesauri (authority lists)
-- manage your own institutional controlled lists
-- submit new "candidate" creator names and work records to a shared pool
- Digital Asset Management
- Publish to the Web & Export Tools

We could get a trial access. Or Mellon foundation is a member, so we could ask for an account for research purposes.
There are [online demos and webinars|], [user, superuser, admin webinars|], [video demos|], even onsite training
Initiated by MIT Simile(?) . Source status unknown.
Can use as inspiration, eg see this nice [faceted search with lightbox and timeline|]

h2. Prometheus
[Prometheus|] is a digital image archive similar to Artstor, but more popular in the German-speaking world.
It has over 800k images and tons of learning materials, software, etc. Eg:
- pandora, the main software for the site
- image management system (database)