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h2. RDFAuthor

VIE is a project to make the content of your web pages editable through annotations. This means that by simply including some RDFa on your pages you can build rich user interactions and interfaces on the JavaScript level. So the idea is very similar to RDFAuthor

- wiki:
-- (!)(!)
- blog:
-- (!) *read this* (!):
- workshop:
- source of VIE:
- source of VIE^2:
Semantic enrichment.
Basic managing of ontologies such as extending them with subclasses and working with concrete entities
- use in Palsu:
Palsu is an online collaborative meeting tool. Instead of each participant keeping their own meeting notes, we transform the meeting into a conversation whereby everybody can share their notes in real-time. Meeting notes can be used to add tasks and mention people related to the meeting.
-- Palsu video:
-- TODO (Jana, who can do this?): Try out Palsu for our own meetings
- use in Midgard CMS:
- Integration in Apache Sling:
- (i) Semantics UX (Usability) contest:
Five winners, 100k EUR total prize. But deadline is 14 Oct
- Slideshare:
-- TODO: install Midgard CMS on linux (slide 39 explains how to do it with a few commands).
(i) Midgard's slogan is "manage your linked data", so we should try it out
- Aloha Editor:
- Semantic Editor:
Is this different development from Aloha? Interesting conceptual architecture:


- IKS User Stories:
(!) Maria: I think this is a very nice format that we can also use. The stories themselves are also interesting. Do you find something useful?

h2. VIE demos
Demo links of VIE and friends:
- Drupal Demo:
Aloha Editor + Apache Stanbol + Drupal 7 = Semantic CMS
- VIE^2 Demo:
- Palsu Demo:
I wrote on twitter to "@rene_kapusta: Is there a support tracker or forum for Palsu? Get "Client disconnected - try to reconnect". Supports private meetings?"