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{excerpt}discover, reference, publish primary Archaeological data{excerpt}
[]: a site to discover, reference, and publish primary data data, images, reports and field documentation collected in archaeology
- data entry in archaeology is a complex discipline with its own science: [Stratification|Stratification_(archeology)@wikipedia] (aka Stratigraphy).
- every piece of data, photo, artefact is bound to the exact place it was found, called *context* (aka Stratigraphic unit).
- Created by Alexandria Archive Institute, a not-for-profit organization
- spun off from Information and Service Design Program at the UC Berkeley School of Information
- main involved:
-- Dr. Sarah Whitcher Kansa (Executive Director, AAI): archaeology (?)
-- Eric Kansa (ISD Executive Director, I-School Adjunct Professor): software development.
- Don't know if this is related to RDF in any way, but I marvel at the richness of information

Maria: study OpenContext. Does it use RDF in any way?