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h1. The Bibliography Ontology

The *Bibliographic Ontology* (BIBO) is an [ontology|] for the [semantic Web|] to describe bibliographic things like books or magazines. It is written in [RDF|] and can be used as a citation ontology, as a document classification ontology, or simply as a way to describe any kind of document in RDF. It has been inspired by many existing document description metadata formats, and can be used as a common ground for converting other bibliographic data sources.

The [Chronicling America website|] at the [Library of Congress|] uses BIBO to model newspaper pages and issues in the Linked Data views

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h1. Utility and Usage in Research Space project
This ontology may be used to represent Bibliographical references coming from Rembrandt data.

Vlado: it's quite extensive, and I'd rather not involve extra ontologies unless there is a proven need.
We must first try to use (or extend) CRM entities/properties.
Rembrandt data doesn't include enough structured fields to warrant the use of a separate ontology. Literature (references) are described using 1 or 2 fields:
<literatuur>K. Bauch, Rembrandt Gemälde, Berlijn 1966, nr. 18</literatuur>
<literature>A.B. de Vries, M. Tóth-Ubbens, W. Froentjes, Rembrandt in the Mauritshuis, Alphen aan de Rijn 1978, p. 121-125</literature>
<standaardbron>Hofstede de Groot 1907-1928</standaardbron>
<standaardbron_deel_pagina>dl. 6, nr. 57</standaardbron_deel_pagina>

These are better mapped to simple notes (optionally with type):
crm:P70B.is_documented_in [crm:P3F.has_note "K. Bauch, Rembrandt Gemälde, Berlijn 1966, nr. 18"];
crm:P70B.is_documented_in [crm:P3F.has_note "Hofstede de Groot 1907-1928";
crm:P3F1.has_note [crm:P2F.has_type rst:note/publication/volumeAndPages; crm:P3F2.has_note "dl. 6, nr. 57"]];

Or we can define a sub-property:
{code}crm:P70B.is_documented_in [crm:P3F.has_note "Hofstede de Groot 1907-1928"; rso:P3F.volume_and_pages "dl. 6, nr. 57"];{code}

Or we can just concatenate the two strings, since the volume/pages reference is not structured anyway:
{code}crm:P70B.is_documented_in [crm:P3F.has_note "Hofstede de Groot 1907-1928; dl. 6, nr. 57"];{code}