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{excerpt}Master of the Fogg Pieta art researcher collaboration site (Austin Nevin){excerpt}

h1. Intro

The MFPMFP project is devoted to art research of a particular master (see [project goals|]). It's coordinated by Austin Nevin who's a RS Advisor.
The site is at []. Austin was kind enough to make us a login: "Ontotext". Ask Vlado for the password. If we want Admin access, we can also get that.

h1. Lessons to be Learned

This site is a very good example of how art researchers *actually* do what RS sets out to do.
It's built with string and duct tape (Joomla, a few image tools, FTS), but it's full of interesting substantial discussions: it's *alive*.
I think that it teaches us something extremely important:
{warning}The rich variety of research discourse, and that if we try to structure and straight-jacket all of it, we'll fail{warning}

MFPMFP participants do [want to put some more structure in|]:
- Caroline: concerned about meta data - what categories we are using - and its consistency betweeen the partners. Are we going to set protocols for this?
- Austin: an important aspect of the files will be keywords and file names as well as file folders - I have tried to set up a tree for <painting> which effectively separate files - X-rays, IR, details, context. In order to facilitate the use of key words, I am starting a list of words for keywords which we can use

But still, looking at all the discussions, I think that the free-flowing stuff may be more important than the structured stuff.

h1. Site Features

h2. Breadcrumb

It's easy for a user to get lost, especially after a FTS. The breadcrumb helps, eg:
{noformat}Home > Index > Technique - Ground and preparation > Question on the geometrical planning ..{noformat}

h2. "Random" images

I thought images would always be linked to a cultural object. Not necessarily.
People take pictures of the team, setting, a business trip, etc: it's all part of the social aspect of collaboration

h2. [Site Updates|]

- Nice 2-column layout.
- Each item includes its important images
- Not sure if this is completely automatic, or there was some manual adjustment.
- [Comments|] are considered less substantive than [Pages|], so they are on a separte list (Recent comments vs Recent additions)

h2. News

Something trivial that we may have forgot: [news|].
These are comments (not about specific objects) that are of importance for the project as a whole.
They should appear on a separate page, sorted by date (date sorting is missing in the MFPMFP news)

h2. Structured data

[Object Condition Report|]

- plenty of metadata we can look at, in order to expand our horizons about possible future data we need to accommodate
-- eg "Height\- left-hand side-37.5cm, right-hand side-36.5cm" can be expressed as "Height 36.5-37.5 cm", but we lose a bit of info regarding which number was measured where
-- eg "Technique/Media: Egg tempera on poplar panel (untested)" shows that often art researchers express Technique/material and Support in one sentence, and a type/status "untested" to
- detail: The painting is on a *poplar wood* panel made up of a single plank of *flatsawn* wood that appears to be the original primary support. The *grain* of the wood *runs horizontally* across the painting’s width...
- This clearly maps to [E14 Condition Assessment@crm], [E3 Condition State@crm]. See [condition@crmg] for a diagram. But to structure it fully is a lot of work. Eg one could use [P5 consists of@crm] to break the condition state of the overall painting to its constituents (condition of support, condition of paint, etc).

h2. Screenshots

- Investigations:


- Images and Resources
-- Albums - each folder with paintings is called Album. Under albums are kept also any referential materials and software for downloads, as it is seen in the screenshot
-- Albums could be organized in Sub-albums. Actions in both albums and sub-albums are the same.

-- Photos in albums

- Discussions