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| 09.UPLOAD.R1 | RS3.2 | Online form will be available for upload of documents and images |
| 09.UPLOAD.R2 | RS3.2 | A predefined Document Library Structure will be created with creation of each new project |
| 09.UPLOAD.R3 | RS3.2 | Special permissions for access to the Document Library will be supported and set to team members |
| 09.UPLOAD.R4 | RS3.2 | Common  user actions on documents, such as like: upload new version, edit, download, print, copy to other folder, move, manage permissions will be supported, based on the team members permissions |
| 09.UPLOAD.R5 | RS3.2 | Optional and mandatory metadata for each newly uploaded file (images, documents) will be supported. |
| 09.UPLOAD.R6 | RS3.2 | To each document/ asset a keywords could be associated |
| 09.UPLOAD.R7 | RS3.2 | Version control of changes in document content and metadata will be supported |
| 09.UPLOAD.R8 | RS3.2 | Lightbox (thumbnails) for image contents will be supported |