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h1. Hosting and Servers

- It was agreed at the project kickoff that Ontotext will host the RS environment (versions delivered by the sprints) at least until New Year (end-2011).
- BM's network and website servers have various security restrictions and capacity problems that need to be resolved before BM can host RS efficiently
-- BM officially supports only MS Windows. Access to BM's test network is a bit problematic. The public BM web servers are over capacity
- It's necessary for BM to start hosting RS before a client institution joins RS. (It was thought Cranach will join around Jan, but not anymore)
- BM has budget for "3 servers" for RS. Ontotext will recommend the hardware to be purchased. As described above, it's likely we'll recommend fewer (maybe 1) but bigger servers.
- For efficient support of different environment (dev, \[test\], prod), it's necessary to decide the [RS URLs and URIs] strategy: how to preserve the URLs between development vs production vs published project?