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{excerpt}BM extensions to CRM. This is obsolete: see [BM Mapping]{excerpt}

h1. BM Data
- 14Gb of XMLs exported from BM's collection system (Merlin). Took several weeks (SSL says it'd have been faster if they knew better)
- RDF takes between 12 and 24 hours to assert in the current triple store (IntelliDimension)
- Exported from Merlin, a C/C+\+ system with a proprietary OO database. BM's Merlin model is based on the SPECTRUM standard for Museum Documentation. The functionality of other museum collection systems is also based on SPECTRUM
- []: live links to BM objects
(was [] during development)

- recommended URI allocation:
[] : object (non information resource)
[] : html representation (information resource for humans)
[] : rdf representation (information resource for computers)
[] : info about production (who when where created it)
[] : info about acquisition (when the BM got it)

h1. BMX Description
Developed by Seme4 as part of BM collection data mapping to RDF in the CRM schema.
Extended/corrected by Josh following review by Vlado.
The following documents describe the BM data

h2. D1 Conversion
[^D1 - BM to ResearchSpace- Conversion Process and Schema.pdf]. Ian Millard, Seme4.
"Recommended process for converting data from a Collections Management System in the Cultural Heritage domain into Open Linked Data"
- demonstrate feasibility for converting the entire Collections data from the British Museum into Linked Data
- describes the developed ETL tool "makeRDF": based on config files, uses xpath, similar to xslt but simpler
- describes the technical aspects of data conversion
- nice intro to CRM

h2. D2 Mapping
(i) [^D2 - Commentary on the mapping process- from BM to CIDOC-CRM.pdf], Hugh Glaser, SotonU
- very informative description of the mapping and the thinking behind it, shows the complexity of museum data.
- description of BMX
- instructive usage guide for the CRM

h2. Sample object
[^BM-object-GAA87981.pdf]: Shows all triples for a single object, and describes them

h2. BMX ontology
- []: live links to CRM & BMX class & property desciptions
- [^bm-extensions.ttl]: BMX definition. It's RDFS only, not OWL
- [^BM-extensions.pdf]: BMX description