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| 20.DATABASKET.R1 | RS3.4 | While using the research tools users will come across data that they wish to use in the collaboration environments. It should be possible to add selected data or links to data or assets in the process of navigating through the ResearchSpace into a ‘basket’ which can be used to insert into a collaboration post. The basket is special location similar to “carts” of the online stores |
| 20.DATABASKET.R2 | RS3.4 | Data basket should include the following objects: \\
\-          Data -- a user may select some data or an annotation on data. \\
\-          Links to data -- a link that when another user clicks on it takes them to the required data. \\
\-          Links to images -- as an image tag and a hypertext tag. \\
\-          Links to searches - the ability to provide a link that invokes a search. For example, a user searches and decides to save the search for another to use. |
| 20.DATABASKET.R3 | RS3.4 | The technology of moving data from the Research Tool into these “carts”  is by dragging and dropping them. |
| 20.DATABASKET.R4 | RS3.4 | The data basket will collect information in a tabular format with columns  for the data themselves and with columns  for metadata regarding their insertion  in the data basket (time, author, comments..) |
| 20.DATABASKET.R5 | RS3.4 | The data transferred into the data basket will preserve their semantic format, URIs, and will provide direct access to all information about them stored in the semantic repository.  This includes links to images and documents |
| 20.DATABASKET.R6 | RS3.4 | Data Basket Entries |
| 20.DATABASKET.R6-1 | RS3.4 | \-          Data copied from the Data and Image Annotation tools is reorded here under different sections |
| 20.DATABASKET.R6-2 | RS3.4 | \-          Entries can be selected in two ways, by a tick box and by highlighting. |
| 20.DATABASKET.R6-3 | RS3.4 | \-          Highlighted entries can be deleted and the whole data basket can be cleared. |
| 20.DATABASKET.R6-4 | RS3.4 | \-          Allows capture of data records, images (through a link), data annotations and image annotations. |
| 20.DATABASKET.R6-5 | RS3.4 | \-          Enables data basket entries to be selected for insertion into social networking tools. (Insertion into a social networking tool should also include a URL link for another user to view the data using the original research tool). |
| 20.DATABASKET.R6-6 | RS3.4 | \-          It should be possible to find entries in the data basket using keyword searching, author, record ID and field type. |
| 20.DATABASKET.R7 | RS3.4 | Annotation and Data text |
| 20.DATABASKET.R7-1 | RS3.4 | \-          Displays the annotation or data text for a selected item. |
| 20.DATABASKET.R8 | RS3.4 | Data Relation Link |
| 20.DATABASKET.R8-1 | RS3.4 | \-          Entries can be semantically linked using an Annotation qualifier determining the relationship. (Open Annotation Project). |
| 20.DATABASKET.R9 | RS3.4 | Thumbnail |
| 20.DATABASKET.R9-2 | RS3.4 | \-          Displays the Thumbnail which is the subject of an image annotation or the image associated with the relevant data record. |