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{excerpt}All Bulgarian collections published to Europeana{excerpt}
You can find all Bulgarian objects in Europeana using the query [COUNTRY:bulgaria|]

Bulgaria provides content to Europeana on a project basis. Here are some of the collections that are already published to Europeana through different projects.
- WebFolk - [Example record |]
An online collection of Bulgarian folk songs. Originally collected by the Bosnian-Croatian Stefan Verkovitch, 1874. Published on the web in 1997 by a team from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, website funded by the Open Society Foundation. Available in English and Bulgarian.
Entitled “Bulgarian Folk Songs from the Prehistoric and Prechristian Times”.
-- Published through the [Athena|] project
- Varna Regional Library collection
-- published through the [Europeana Local|] project
- National Archeological Museum collection
-- published through the [Carare project|]
- Library of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences collection
-- published through the [Athena|] and [Linked Heritage|] projects
- National Library "Cyril and Methodius" collection
-* published through [The European Library|]