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h1. GraphDB Version 6.4 Documentation

Here you will find online user guides, a FAQ, a roadmap of future versions and other GraphDB related documentation.

h4. General documentation for GraphDB

|| Documentation || Description ||
| [FAQ|GraphDB FAQ] | List of frequently asked questions |
| [Roadmap|GraphDB Roadmap] | Planned developments for future versions of GraphDB |
| [Primer|GraphDB Primer] | Introductory document for all varieties of GraphDB, covering \\
relevant Semantic Web basics, and key technical subjects. |

h4. Documentation specific to different GraphDB editions

|| GraphDB-Lite || GraphDB-SE || GraphDB-Enterprise || Description ||
| [Fact Sheet|GraphDB-Lite Fact Sheet] | [Fact Sheet|GraphDB-SE Fact Sheet] | [Fact Sheet|GraphDB-Enterprise Fact Sheet] | A two-page description of the specific version of GraphDB, \\
including major features, licensing, requirements and \\
supported standards. Included in the beginning of the User Guide. |
| [Installation Guide|GraphDB-Lite Installation Guide] | [Installation Guide|GraphDB-SE Installation Guide] | [Installation Guide|GraphDB-Enterprise Installation Guide] | A concise guide to installing and setting up GraphDB for the \\
purpose of having a repository up and running as quickly as possible. |
| [Release notes|GraphDB-Lite Release Notes] | [Release notes|GraphDB-SE Release notes] | [Release notes|GraphDB-Enterprise Release Notes] | A short list of bug fixes and new features for the last few versions |
| [User Guide|GraphDB-Lite] | [User Guide|GraphDB-SE] | [User Guide|GraphDB-Enterprise] | A comprehensive guide to installing, configuring and using \\
the GraphDB semantic repository and all of its features. Also \\
included is a description of all included tests and benchmarks. |