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Semantic Repository for RDF(S) and OWL

*Version 6.3*

See also: [User Guide]

h1. Overview

The GraphDB Workbench is a our recommended web-based administration tool. The user interface is similar to the Sesame Workbench webapp, but with more functionality. Here are some of the additional features:
* Query monitoring with the possibility to kill a long running query
* Better SPARQL editor based on []
* Connectors administration(only present in the enterprise edition)

Of course GraphDB Workbench can be used to create GraphDB repositories, load and export data, execute SPARQL queries and updates. The user interface is built using the Forest framework ready to use, bug free components.

The GraphDB Workbench can be found in the distribution as a separate war file. The war file can be deployed with the startup script in the distribution or deployed in a dedicated application server.

The User Guide can be found [here|User Guide].

h1. Requirements

Java: JRE 1.7 or higher (JDK 1.7 or higher if using custom rule sets)
Tomcat: Version 7 or higher if deployed as a .war file