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h1. 1.2.0

Release Date: 06 Jan 2015

* MON-6: Added explain parameter to both recommend calls
* DSP-568: Fixing a few bugs when article ids are URLs

h1. 1.1.1

Release Date: 11 Dec 2014

* Fixing ClassCastException when Solr's id field is not String
* DSP-513: Added timers to all controller methods

h1. 1.1.0

Release Date: 08 Dec 2014

* DSP-448 - configuration property removed, fixing logging dependencies, adding default cassandra port
* DSP-402 - max API parameter renamed to count
* DSP-415 - recency, sort and count parameters are not required anymore
* DSP-404 - new deploy parameter com.ontotext.recommend.errorOnReadingMissingArticle for recommendations-web
* DSP-460 - the user action call now accepts optional timestamp parameter (POST or PUT /user)
* DSP-461 - additional documentation on weights
* DSP-474 - adjusting the Solr schema to play nicely with Solr-connectors
* DSP-482 - bugfix: requesting recommendations for nonexistent user now returns HTTP 400 (instead of 500, as it was before)
* FRR-202 - null keyphrases are no longer accepted when adding articles