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h1. RelFinder testing results and installation notes

On this page we will write some notes about RelFinder application which can be downloaded from this resource : []

h2. Installation notes

For RelFinder installation we need to do a few things.

1. Needed applications
- latest version of RelFinder, which can be found here : []\]
- apache-tomcat server
- if we want to do a search in our custom repository, we need server where our repository will be loaded and
available sparql endpoint

2. Installation

- copy file "RelFinder.swf" into apache-tomcat/webapps/ROOT directory
- under apache-tomcat/webapps/ROOT directory create new folder named "config"
- copy "Config.xml" and "Examples.xml" in config folder
- download "crossdomain.xml" file form here [] and place it in the server which hosts your repository
- start the server where your RelFinder is placed. The application can be viewed on: [http://localhost:]\{port}/RelFinder.swf

h2. Test results

- relations found between Rembrandt and painting technique


- relations found between Rembrandt and painting technique and Andromeda


- relations found between Susanna bathing and Rembrandt


- relations between Susanna bath and museum


- relations between Susanna bath, museum, London


here the interesting thing is that metropolitan node is selected and all relations connected with it are colored in red

- relations between RFM1617 object and BM Place


- relations between RFM1617 object, RFM1631 object and BM Place


- relations between Susanna-bath and Ile-de France region


- relations between RFM1617 and South-east-Asia