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h3. Basic Build Instructions

# Take some prop files from tomcat's conf directory of the server and copy them locally.
These files are usually setup to work with local resources, but we want the global version to go into the build
|| prop file || server dir || svn dir || local dir || JAR ||
| | nuxeo-tomcat\conf | [] | entity-api\src\main\resources\conf | entity-api |
| | nuxeo-tomcat\conf | [] | nuxeo-research-space\src\main\resources\conf | nuxeo-research-space |
#- the last lines of should be
|| line || comment ||
| is.gefault.repo.local=false | (sic) Means we're using a remote repository |
| remote.repo=[]\\ | The current repository is "with BM data and new [FR Implementation-old|FR Implementation-old]" |
# Build the system locally
#- this puts the property files in the appropriate JARs listed above
#- Jana builds using Maven from IntelliJ IDEA, but you can also invoke Maven from the command line
#- For entity-api use "mvn package \-DskipTest" if you have problems with the OWLIM License when executing the tests
# Build process using Maven\* for 'entity-api' :  mvn deploy \-DskipTests \-Dowlim-license=resources/OWLIM_SE.license

* for 'nuxeo-research-space' : mvn deploy
* for other 'research-space-image-editor','research-space-migration','research-space-rforms','research-space-rtf' :  mvn install# Copy the JARs from the build to /nidata/nuxeo/
These are Nuxeo plugins, therefore JAR not WAR:

# Restart Nuxeo
cd /nidata/nuxeo/
./nuxeoctl stop
./nuxeoctl start
tail -f /nidata/nuxeo/
#- The last line is to monitor the nuxeo server log

h3. Reload/Redeploy Repository

* after the repository is generated it should be copied to its new http location. The generated repository is in entity-api/resources/ The HTTP location is /nidata/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/, so that it can be access outside as []
* currently we deploy on two locations - "bm-new-fr" and ""
* to deploy on a single location:
** stop tomcat: /nidata/tomcat/bin/ stop
** go there (the repository root is in /nidata/repositories), e.g. "cd /nidata/repositories/",
** unzip there (unzip /nidata/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/
** move the storage folder as top ("mv resources/susana/storage .")
** start tomcat: /nidata/tomcat/bin/ start

h4. Periodic Repo Reload

The repo is reloaded periodically using an automated process, see [Repository Creation]:
- After enough RDF/Turtle files are added/changed, OR
- After OWLIM Rules are changed (see [FR Implementation-old|FR Implementation-old])

h4. Repo Redeploy

Periodically (how often?) the complete set of repositories is captured to [].
If you need (when would you need?) the complete set of repos can be redeployed as follows:
- stop OWLIM?
- unzip to where?
- start OWLIM?


h4. Setting new Research Space project

1.  Download Tortuise and checkout project from SVN in custom folder.
2.  Download IDEA and import the project like maven project.
3.  Download nuxeo-cap-tomcat version 5.5
3.  If you don't have java and maven installed on your computer you should
     install them, and fix their path environments.
4.    Copy file settings.xml into maven repository location folder named .m2
5.  At the moment when this document is created - 07.03.2013 many dependencies can't be
      resolved automatically by machine so you should change or add the problem jar files.
6   Run maven projects into IDEA, after that copy the generated jars form target sub folder
      of the current extension and paste them into nuxeo\nxserver\plugins
7.  Copy needed jars into nuxeo\nxserver\lib like sesamy jars
8.  Put the storage into yourWorkSpace\entity-api\resources\repositories\susana
9.  Edit file to search into the storage from point 8
10. Run the project like maven with prop install
11. Copy the files from yourWorkSpace\entity-api\src\main\resources\conf to nuxeo\conf

h4. Nuxeo deployer

Since each build have .jar files from the target directory to be copied into nuxeo\nxserver\plugins. I wrote this simple deployer that can be easily reused.
You just have to set up pathToWorkSpace and pathToNuxeoPluginDirectory to proper location. This is a small VBScript file that works only on Windows.