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{excerpt}Notes from May 2013{excerpt}

h1. Intro

bq. This is same as part Dominic's manual (to best of our understanding)
Does it comply with BM's latest changes to modeling Association codes (esp re Acquisition, Production)?
[BM Association Mapping v2]. Dominic's document probably reflects this, but these are recent changes and I haven't checked.

bq. If there is something else you need to get this to work with Research Space please let me know
Once it's compliant, we should:
- try loading the data
- load your thesauri. complete Getty or only the subset used by your objects?
- create RForms for your objects

h2. Eyeball
bq. I am reviewing for any typos, missing types...
Have you tried Eyeball? See here: [RDF Validation and Conversion#Eyeball],
{color:#993300}We tried Eyeball, no luck have to contact dev community as we were not able to install it after number of tries. TBD.. {color}

h1. Problems

h2. General

- pubby doesn’t show prefixes but "?:" {color:#993300}\- does same for BM, will try to fix{color}
- -STRONGLY Suggest to have 1 URI per object, not 3 sameAs URIs- {color:#993300}\-{color} {color:#ff0000}fixed{color}{color:#993300}, BM has multiple, followed their lead{color}
- -crm:PX_\* (e.g. crm:PX_display_wrap) is wrong, should be bmo:PX_\*- {color:#993300}\-{color} {color:#ff0000}fixed{color} {color:#993300}with: {color}{color:#993300}\[{color}{color:#993300}{color}\|\] 

h2. Thesauri

- use more logical URIs that don't reflect their genesis in existing systems. Eg
<thesauri/event/exhibition_history> \-> <thesauri/event/exhibition> (An exhibition is NOT "exhibition history")
<thesauri/identifier/TMS/exhibition_history> \-> <thesauri/identifier/exhibition> (doesn't matter your system is called TMS)
- Getty thesauri: don't like that you use a YCBA-specific URI for Getty, eg
This won't let your data mesh with other data using Getty.
Haven't the Getty decided on an official namespace?

h2. Images

- This is wrong, see [image_objects_carriers@crmg]
{code}<object/7> P62_depicts <object/7/image/1>{code}
TODO Vlado: write the correct one
- this is wrong
<object/7/image/1> P108i_was_produced_by <object/7/image/1/creation>. # images are conceptual, so use P94i_was_created_by
<object/7/image/1/creation> P14_carried_out_by <object/thesauri/actor>; # by WHOM?! If you have no info, don't output Creation
rdf:type crm:E12_Production. # E12_Produciton is for material objects

h2. Image Rights

- This says nothing (has no fields)
- this is all wrong
<object/7/image/1> P70i_is_documented_in <object/7/image/1/terms_of_use>. # should be P104_is_subject_to
<object/7/image/1/terms_of_use> # it's not specific to this image, so don't use per-image node
rdfs:label ""; # 1. should be URI not string, 2. this redirects, so just use the final destination
rdf:type crm:E62_String. # means nothing. So-called "CRM Primitive types" should not be used
-- so simply use this:
<object/7/image/1> P104_is_subject_to <>
-- better yet, use a CreativeCommons URI, since CC is a stronger authority about rights than YCBA

h2. Object Rights

- PX_has_copyright "Public Domain" is unnecessary since you have it structured as
If you want to output a string, use PX_display_wrap
- []
is a completely unnecessary intermediate node
- This should not be per-object
- so overall, use just this in object data:
{code}<object/7> P104_is_subject_to <>.{code}
And this in thesaurus data, not per-object:
rdf:type crm:E30_Right
rdfs:label "Public Domain".
- better yet, use a CreativeCommons URI, since CC is a stronger authority about rights than YCBA

h2. Non-RDF Resources

Resources at ODAI, including actual images
- broken link: []
- would be nice to record some metadata in RDF (eg MIME type, resolution)
[]: thumbnail JPG
[]: large JPG
[]: very large TIF (download, after captcha)

h2. Acquisition

- -P30_transferred_custody_of is wrong direction-&nbsp;{color:#ff0000}Replaced with:&nbsp;P30i_custody_transferred_through{color}&nbsp;

h2. Concepts

- -useless intermediate node-&nbsp;{color:#ff0000}I adjusted our Subject terms to work same as BM, can be seen in file ObjectID = 34{color}
-- -just use-
<object/20049> P129_is_about <>,
<>. # etc
- -if you can't find a term during mapping, report an error, don't export it as "-1"-{color:#008000}&nbsp; Emmanuelle, please have some students go through TMS, I exclude now anything that has \-1{color}
- {color:#008000}Emmanuelle there are cases where subjects are TGN where conceptID = 0, I will try to ignore example ObjectID = 34{color}
- ULAN, AAT, TGN URIs converted to Getty