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{excerpt}Does a search for a term include all narrower terms?{excerpt}

h1. Intro
This is defined by [FR Implementation]: look for a loop at the last node. (When there are 2 diagrams, look at the right one)
- Place: about: NO; created, located, found, from: YES.
-- I use P89_falls_within, so any object related a sub-place is also related to its super-places.
So if you search with a super-place, it will find objects related to all its sub-places as well
- Actor: owner/keeper, influenced, met, about, found: NO; created YES
-- The choice that "found" is not transitive is a bit arbitrary and means you can't search "found by British".
The other choices I believe are reasonable
-- I use P107i_is_current_or_former_member_of, so you can search "created by Dutch" and will find objects by Rembrandt.
- Concept: is/has/about (type): YES
I have added "P127_has_broader_term" to search by Type, so a search with a broader term will return all narrower terms as well
- made of (material), used technique: NO.
This choice follows Martin's definitions, but is arbitrary
-- I believe there's no hierarchy in BM Material and BM Technique, but have not checked recently.
WRONG: both are hierarchical, eg
select * {[skos:inScheme thes:material; skos:prefLabel ?material;
skos:broader [skos:prefLabel ?broader]]}
select * {[skos:inScheme thes:technique; skos:prefLabel ?techn;
skos:broader [skos:prefLabel ?broader]]}

If you want me to change something, please let me know.

h2. Material/Technique

EEU71607 A fabric belt with metal buckle
The query "found at Sofia-city and made of copper-alloy" returns this object from BM search but does not return it in RS search, why?
- The object is
- It is found with "found at Sofia-city and made of brass".
- the object rso:FR45_is_made_of thes:x10411, thes:x10646, thes:x11991
- thes:x10411 (brass) has skos:broader thes:x10627 (copper alloy). (This last term has altLabel "brass" but scopeNote that explains that it's different from brass).
- the [current definition of FR45_is_made_of|] doesn't traverse the broader hierarchy.
- the [old definition of FR45_is_made_of|] doesn't traverse the broader hierarchy either.
- in fact it has been defined like this since [15 May 2012|] (!)
- This came from Martin's definition: TR ICS‐FORTH/TR‐429 (April 2012) on p64 when defining "Thing is made of" does not use "P127 has broader term".
-- I now notice that one p63 when defining "Thing has type" they DO use "P127 has broader term" (so the above is a discrepancy)
- It has survived supposed inspections by Dominic and Peter Main
- This page has asked for feedback since Mar 04, 2013

Since the BM Material and Technique thesauri are hierarchical, I think these FRs should be transitive

h2. Subject
- Search for Rembrandt (created) and animal (is/has/about): zero results
- Search for mammal (a narrower term of animal) and you get results

"P127_has_broader_term" is in the search by Type/Subject, so a search with a broader term will return all narrower terms as well.
The opposite is not true: if you search for Mammal, you're looking only for mammals, and objects tagged with the more general term Animal should not be returned.