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The Facets in the web UI (columns of entity classes) are optionally configurable.
To specify the entity class for each column, click the *Options* link in the top right corner of the *Facets* screen. This opens a new *Options* screen that shows the default columns. To select new categories, click the arrow next to each column heading and choose from the drop down list representing the [ontology|KimDocs37EN:Ontology navigation#Ontologynavigation-Ontologynavigation] classes. Click *Apply* and then *Close*.

!Facets_options.png|border=1! !Facets_options2.png|border=1!

* To add more columns, click the {{*+*}} icon and a new field appears. Select a category for it and click *Apply*. Now you have four columns in the *Facets* screen.

* To go back to the default number of columns, click the {{*-*}} icon and you have three columns again.