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The KIM Customization Training Guide is for software developers of KIM-related products, R&D engineers, Ph.D. students, and others who work on KIM-related documents, product training programs, and reference materials.

h2. What’s in This Guide

This guide is designed as a random-access reference tool, though some users may want to become familiar with the entire document.

* shows how .... It also gives general rules of style and usage for Apple publications. Entries appear in alphabetical order.
* ... provides
* ... lists
* ... provides
* Appendix D, “How to Write a Glossary,” beginning on page 167, provides guidelines for preparing glossaries.
* Appendix E, “How to Develop an Index,” beginning on page 173, provides guidelines for creating an index.
* Appendix F,“International Style,” beginning on page 177, provides guidelines for creating material for localization.

This guide includes terms that appear in Mac OS X and its Classic environment. Terms that appear only in the Classic environment are designated as such.