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* Create a sub-folder {{dbpedia}} in the KIM context folder. It will be used as storage for all the RDF data in this task. ({{KIM/context/default/kb/dbpedia/}})
* Put the {{dbpedia_3.5.1.owl}} file, containing the DBpedia ontology, in the {{dbpedia}} folder.
* Put {{dbpedia_instances.nt}}, containing the actual objects description, in {{KIM/context/default/kb/dbpedia}}
* Тell OWLIM to load these additional RDF data at start-up.

Add the two files – {{dbpedia_3.5.1.owl}} and {{dbpedia_instances.nt}} to the list of {{imports}} and {{defaultNS}} definitions in {{KIM/config/owlim.ttl}}:

kb/dbpedia/dbpedia_instances.nt;" ;
.....;;" ;

Now you have a running KIM with DBpedia ontology loaded, but it is pretty autonomous and cannot change the IE process a lot.