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Define your RDF ontology and then specify a SPARQL or SERQL query that will retrieve a subset of that ontology as a dictionary.

*query.txt* contains a SPARQL query. You can write any query you like, as long as its projection contains at least two columns in the following order: label and instance. As an option, you can also add a third column for the ontology class of the RDF entity. Below you can see a sample query, which creates a dictionary from the names and the unique identifiers of 10,000 entertainers in DbPedia.

PREFIX opencyc: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>

SELECT ?Name ?Person WHERE {
?Person a opencyc:Entertainer ; rdfs:label ?Name .
FILTER (lang(?Name) = "en")
} LIMIT 10000

Try this query at the Linked Data Semantic Repository.
When you load the dictionary configuration in GATE for the first time, it creates a binary snapshot of the dictionary. Thereafter it will load only this binary snapshot. If the dictionary configuration is changed, the snapshot will be reinitialized automatically.

For more details about the gazetteer set up, see: [KIM System Documentation|KimDocs37EN:Large Knowledge Base (LKB) Gazetteer]