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KIM uses an RDF repository for its database. We call this database "semantic repository". Any RDF database that implements the [Sesame API|] is generally compatible with KIM although we recommend using [OWLIM-SE 5.2|]. Some functions of KIM depend on the SPARQL 1.1 dialect implemented by OWLIM. Depending on the use case, one may need to setup KIM with a local, remote or shared RDF database.

h2. Using the default semantic repository

KIM comes pre-configured with an embedded OWLIM-SE 5.2 database. It requires no configuration for basic usage. General ontologies and datasets are preloaded on KIM start-up. To change the preloaded datasets, edit the Sesame repository configuration file - *config/owlim.ttl*. The file is in Turtle format. The options are {{owlim:imports}} and {{owlim:defaultNS}}.

h2. Updating the OWLIM License file

The embedded OWLIM is coming with an evaluation license for a pre-defined amount of time. If you want to continue using KIM with OWLIM after the license has expired, you should contact our team and request another (evaluation or commercial) license. After you receive it, you should put it within {{<KIM_HOME>/context/default}} folder, overwriting the expired license {{OWLIM_SE.license}}.