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h2. Query related extensions

|| Query related extensions || Description ||
| {{}} | Runs basic queries, which are cached (not by the extension). Thus, cache for the Facets screen is generated. Runs when KIM starts. |
| {{}} | Converts measurement units, in order to make them comparable to the basic measurement unit, i.e. minutes, hours, seconds \-> milliseconds. |
| {{}} | Same as the previous one, but uses a file containing the units. |
| {{}} | JMX-exposed interface for index that supports permanent limits of the returned documents. At the time of writing the only implementation is in RDSIndex. |

h2. Utility extensions

|| Utility extensions || Description ||
| {{}} | Exposes ConsoleTasks through JMX. ConsoleTasks is a collection of management utilities. The ambiguous name "console" comes from the fact that the utilities are unrelated, but useful. |
| {{}} | Executes queries placed in *<KIM HOME>/config/construct.queries.txt* on initialization. The method {{constructAndImport}} is exposed through JMX and can be invoked given other queries later, on a running KIM instance. |

h2. All the rest

|| All the rest || Description ||
| {{}} | If present, it is used for generating the "Latest Documents Feed" *<KIM HOME>/rss.xml*. Otherwise, the feed is filled with results from a document query. |
| {{}} | JMX-exposed interface for administering the RdfCore instances. |
| {{}} | Contains getters for application and system properties plus getter for kim.home.dir |
| {{}} | Generates and maintains statistics for all documents added to the KIM Server |
| {{}} | Enables uploading documents in KIM Server using the KIM WEB User Interface. Configures a {{ZipCollectionAdapter}} service with the transformations, necessary for GATE Teamware 1.2 compatibility. This extension integrates with JMX. |