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These examples provide scenarios for using the KIM server through its API. The chosen tasks are designed to cover different aspects of such use from client applications. To get a basic understanding of the examples, we recommend that you first read the overview of the [KIM Java RMI APIs].

Document and code structure:
* Every scenario implements a certain task. Scenario subsections are either alternative ways of doing something or a logical sequence of operations. Therefore, every scenario, along with its subsections, is in a separate document and is implemented in a separate Java class, with a corresponding name (links are provided in every scenario document).
* Scenarios are implemented independently from each other. It is not necessary to read and run them in the given order, but because they are presented in a general usage sequence, it is recommended to keep it.
* All examples in this document are implemented in the HowToExamples Project. We have provided a run configuration for each example. There is also a separate example that runs all of them sequentially.