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This section discusses how to integrate KIM with GATE.

KIM can be a useful addition to the toolkit of an experienced [GATE|] user. KIM provides the KIM Client group of [processing resources|Glossary#_Processing Resource (PR in GATE)] (PRs). They are plug-ins enabling the GATE applications to use the KIM platform features. For example, KIM can be used to annotate a document in GATE.

h2. Configuration

Like all GATE plug-ins, the KIM PRs are initialized and configured through the GATE interface. Before using any KIM PR, the following requirements must be satisfied:
* KIM must be running with default settings on a local computer or on [a remote server accessible by RMI|Configuring remote connection] on port 1099:In this specific case, no other ports are supported.
* The {{serverAddress PR}} property must be set to the server name or IP address, if a remote server is used.

{note} For any GATE-specific tasks, please consult the [GATE documentation|].{note}

h2. Types of processing tasks.

* *KIM Client PR* obtains semantic annotations from KIM for the document, processed by the GATE application.
* *KIM Client - Run Only Gazetteer* runs a gazetteer, which uses the named entities in the KIM semantic repository as a dictionary.

(!) For general information about gazetteers, please see this sample in the [GATE documentation|].