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h2. Overview

As a semantic annotation platform, KIM uses [ontologies|Glossary#_Ontology] and knowledge bases. It can also generate and store new knowledge. This section explains the roles of the different data sources related to KIM. It also clarifies which are mandatory and which are subject to configuration, extension or customization.

KIM is based on the [PROTON|] ontology, developed in the scope of the [Semantically Enabled Knowledge Technologies (SEKT)|] project. KIM depends solely on the System module of PROTON that is further extended by [KIMSO|Glossary#_KIM System Ontology] (KIM System ontology). The other related ontologies - [KIMLO|Glossary#KIM Lexical Ontology] (KIM Lexical ontology) and the Top and Upper modules of PROTON, are part of the distribution. KIM makes use of them, but they can also be replaced, changed, or extended.