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Now that KIM has started successfully, you are ready to populate the basic KIM corpus and test its functionality.

For this purpose KIM uses a tool called *Populater*. It is located in {{<KIM_HOME>/bin/tools/}}. The tool can run in a graphical (interactive) or console (non interactive) mode.

* In Graphical User Interface (GUI) mode, open: {{<KIM_HOME>/bin/tools/populater.cmd}} or type
{code} <KIM_HOME>/bin/tools/populater{code} in a console.

* In a console mode, type: {code}<KIM_HOME>/bin/tools/populater console{code} In this mode, the configuration is read from the {{populater.xml}} file in the *config* folder ({{<KIM_HOME>/config/populater.xml}}).

When you start the *Populater* for the first time, the default corpus directory will be automatically selected in the file selection box. After you populate some documents in KIM, they will appear in the web UI. After you start your servlet container, the web UI should be available on the computer hosting KIM at the following address: [http://localhost:8080/KIM].

See the complete [Populater documentation|Population] for more details.