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h2. Test Cases

[BM Data] describes how to access an object on COL, given its _codexid_
The following examples can be used as test cases.


|| PRN || codexid || Department || Description ||
| GAA11382 | [457748|]\\ | Greek&Roman | A bronze buckle with diameter 1 in, excavated/found in Spain, Donated by E.Colibert in 1876 |
| PPA44216 | [1337054|]\\ | Prints&Drawings | A satirical print with inscription |
| PDB7385 | [746837|] | Prints & Drawings | Drawing of the Crater of Vesuvius |
| RRM192762 | 3440129 | Middle East | Drawing; from a collection of sixty-one. |

h3. Extracting TTL Files

If you want to report "missing data" for an object, you *must* extract its TTL and attach it here for easier review.
There are different ways to get that TTL:
# Use Forest to look around. You can't get a full TTL, but you'll see yourself if data is missing or not.
For BM production server: {jira:RS-1484}
# Use Forest to extract the complete graph of the object. Unfortunately we don't have a Gspo index in OWLIM, so that is too slow
construct {?s ?p ?o}
where {graph <> {?s ?p ?o}}
# [BM Data^BM-data.rar] has a limited number of TTLs (is it 15k or 115k?)
# Extract TTL from Josh's full distribution (see below)

Since the distribution is big (1800 trig files, 20Gb, 2M objects), you need good tools.
- Vlado uses Total Commander on Windows.
- Other options are find, grep & less. They are native to linux, but work fine on windows through the cygwin distribution.
- you need perl in both cases (cygwin includes perl)

How to extract TTL for the object EOC83119:
- first notice the Current keeper. Eg if it's BM Department Africa, Oceania and the Americas (AOA), look in the AOA folder. It's 172 files, 1.9Gb so you've cut the search space 10 times.
- find matching files (note: the trailing / in "EOC83119/" prevents eg EOC83119z from matching):
{code:bash}find -name *.trig -exec grep -l EOC83119/ {} ; {code}
- the perl script "pfind" combines these two and is a bit faster:
{code:bash}pfind . =~m{EOC83119/} prt{code}
- now open the file ./out/AOA_129.trig in an editor and search for EOC83119.
You could also do this which will find the right location, but it's not so easy to copy from a command window:
{code:bash}less +/EOC83119/ ./out/AOA_129.trig{code}
- save all relevant statements (without the enclosing graph) to EOC83119.trig

You can do this for several trig files. Finally:
- run [^]. It takes all trig files in the current dir, shortens the URLs, and saves them as TTL files
- attach the TTL files here

(i) If this is too tedious, ask Vlado to write a script to automate it

h3. Test Records For COL

These are not in the 8k we currently have. Would be nice if Josh includes them in the 120k, since they have varied data

|| PRN || codexid || Department || Description ||
| CGR266697 | [3284336|] | Coins & Medals | Copper alloy coin |
| CBA266435 | [3282402|] | Coins & Medals | Banknote of 100 tongyuan, Shun Yee Savings Bank |
| PPA263540 | [3263586|] | Prints & Drawings | A fish market by a harbour, 1582 |
| COC231583 | [3152931|] | Coins & Medals | Coronation medal of Ghazi ud Din Haidar |
| PPA138043 | [1625897|] | Prints & Drawings | book-illustration: Allegory on the reign of Charles IX |
| EAS67623 | [1507215|] | Asia | Girl's trousers from Paiya, Guizhou |
| GAA79795 | [1400233|] | Greek and Roman | Sherd of pottery oinochoe (625BC-575BC) |
| WCO84417 | [271330|] | Middle East | Plaque (copper alloy), Amran Yemen |
| COC8943 | [922342|] | Coins & Medals | Silver coin (Rupee) |
| CME8154 | [946309|] | Coins & Medals | Bronze medal, Bologna, 1478 |
| JCF8939 | [8333|] | Asia | Album of 9 fan paintings on Zen topics. Has many dimensions, inscriptions, production records. Includes hieroglyphs |
| WCO86314 | [467709|] | Middle East | Bowl, Tell Rimah, 2000BC-1600BC |
| RFM31473 | [178427|] | Middle East | Painting on paper |
| MCC6933 | [51644|] | Prehistory and Europe | Gold-cased keyless lever pocket watch, Barraud & Lunds, London 1909 |
| WCT55920 | [325003|] | Middle East | Tablet, clay, Iraq |
| YCA69289 | [111444|] | Ancient Egypt and Sudan | Naos door (inlay glass, wood): Reliefs of Darius I, temple of Hibis in Kharga oasis |
| RRI3806 | [179969|] | Asia | Shouldered celt with blunt tang, India |

h2. Anna Testing Notes

h3. TODO Anna: add PRN

"Gouache painting on paper from" {jira:RS-1268}
- [Images of the Object|]: Image is displayed in a Related Images tab, but there is duplicated additional info for an image under BM object in the data layer - pic1
-- Vlado: Jana, seems you have done yet another alternative (not described in the mockup):
Alternative4: show image note below the physical description
This is a bad choice, consider [^COC231583-images.ttl]
-- {jira:RS-1310}
- Identifiers: if select any indicator (pencil) in those section, then the mai section is presected - pic2
- Production & Techniques and Acquisition: there aren't annotation indicator (pencil) and add to DB action - pic2
- Inscriptions & Images on Object: the first row of the table has no a title, and missing annotation indicator (pencil) and add to DB action \-pic2
- Note: the field is empty, but is displayed \-pic2
- Dimensions: in case when there aren't min and max values (just a single value), then "-" appears in the section - pic2
- Depicts: can be seen "Hanum?n" instead "Hanuman", there is a problem with visualisation of special characters (pic3)
- sometimes after successfully added new annotation the indicator isn't colored in orange (pic4)
- if start annotation to some value in Identifiers section, the Reffered values isn't displayed correctly (pic5)
- Refers to: if there are many values in the section, the list doesn't look good, the actions are so agglomerated

h3. Tested some other BM objects

In most of them are repeated already described notes by Vlado remarks about General, Punctuation, Identifiers, Types, etc.
And the most important from them is {jira:RS-1222} \-> PX_curatorial_comment, PX_display_wrap and Association codes are missing
* object/*BCR187052* \- Flint flake. Missing platform.
* object/*PPA357281* \- Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, representant du peuple (...
* object/*CGR307449* \- Copper alloy coin.
* object/*EAF122156* \- Rod, part of spear-head tang \(?) made of iron.
* object/*RFC42002* \- War? War? War?

There is more:

* Dimension unit missing when different from cm, dm, mm:
*- Gram: Vlado bug {jira:RS-1298}
crm:P90_has_value "19.00"^^xsd:double;
crm:P91_has_unit unit:Gram
crm:P90_has_value "12.26"^^xsd:double;
crm:P91_has_unit unit:Gram
*- o'clock: Josh bug {jira:RS-1297}
crm:P90_has_value "12.00"^^xsd:double;
crm:P91_has_unit <thesauri/unit/oclock>
* Title missing: {jira:RS-1296}
crm:P102_has_title <object/PPA357281/title/1>.
<object/PPA357281/title/1> a crm:E35_Title;
rdfs:label "Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, representant du peuple (Seine)"@en.
Object label is "Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, representant du peuple (..."
* Aspects: missing note: Vlado->Jana bug {jira:RS-1295}
<object/CGR307449/obverse> bmo:PX_physical_description "Radiate bust of Septimius Severus, right...";
crm:P2_has_type <thesauri/aspect/obverse>;
crm:P52_has_current_owner id:the-british-museum;
a crm:E25_Man-Made_Feature;
rdfs:label "obverse".
<object/CGR307449/reverse> bmo:PX_physical_description "Tyche standing facing, holding rudder set on globe...";
crm:P2_has_type <thesauri/aspect/reverse>;
crm:P52_has_current_owner id:the-british-museum;
a crm:E25_Man-Made_Feature;
rdfs:label "reverse".
*- not caused by {jira:RS-1163}
* Inscriptions: missing language: Jana bug {jira:RS-1294}
<object/RFC42002/inscription/1> bmo:PX_inscription_position "bottom left";
bmo:PX_inscription_type <thesauri/inscription/signature>;
crm:P72_has_language <thesauri/language/chinese-and-english>;
a crm:E43_Inscription;
rdfs:label """f??f*? Lam Cam""".

h2. Vlado Testing Notes

h3. RRM192762

"Drawing; from a collection of"
- General
-- After selecting an object, it's not displayed until you click on Annotations. The default tab Object Details is empty.
This is a known problem (we don't have a spec for Object Details), but can we make Annotations the default tab?
-- The navigation dropdown (Production/Exhibitions/etc) needs to be revised for BM forms.
You could use the same sections as in the mockup&nbsp;{jira:RS-1311}
-- (!) PX_curatorial_comment, PX_display_wrap and Association codes are missing. Reason: {jira:RS-1222}
-- (!) Mitac bug {jira:RS-1308}
Superfluous labels for Actors (more than prefLabel), which leads to duplication, eg:
--- Dr Eversdijk-Smulders, Lily,Eversdijk Smulders, Lily,Eversdyk-Smulders, Lily,Smulders, Lily Eversdijk
Emperor Caracalla,Marcus Aurelius (Septimius Bassianus) Antoninus,Name Date :: 211-217 ::
pic3 in [RS-1268@jira]: all *six* names of the Wellcome Institute are listed
--- This happens for Former or current owner, Former or current keeper, carried out by, Depicts
-- Some terms are rendered in blue, why? Eg
Current keeper=Middle East, Material=paper, About=society/human life ({color:#008000}{*}Jana: These are from thesauri{*}{color})
-- time-spans (Acquisition, Production): you print the label (1995) which is nicer than P82a/b (1995-01-01 - 1995-12-31).
But are we sure there is always a good label on time-spans?&nbsp;{jira: RS-1313}
- Punctuation
-- don't print empty "()" when there is no P3_has_note (in section [Dimensions|]) {color:#008000}{*}fixed{*}{color}
-- don't print empty ": " when there is no note: "(BM Codex Id: )" should be "(BM Codex Id)" (in section [Identifiers|])&nbsp;{color:#008000}{*}fixed{*}{color}
- Identifiers
-- There are two labels "Identifiers", remove the first one (above Preferred identifier)
-- This type is rendered quite differently from the others: "(Nuxeo UID: BM-RRM192762)". {color:#008000}{*}Jana: See{*}{color} {color:#008000}*[comment here|]*{color}
I like the idea to emphasize it's assigned not by BM but by RS, but render it like "(BM-RRM192762: Nuxeo UID)"
- Types
-- (!) PX_object_type is missing&nbsp;{jira: RS-1314}
- Inscription
-- IMHO show the groups expanded. Eg "label=Lily Eversdyk Smulders" is initially hidden&nbsp;{jira: RS-1315}
- Production: the types are missing. Should be like this, shown in (parentheses). Note: (object) is a clarification desribing from which object is this example.&nbsp;{jira: RS-1316}
| *property* | *form* | *(object)* |
| carried out by | Dr Eversdijk-Smulders (drawn by/at) | RRM192762 |
| took place at | Afghanistan (made at/by) | RRM192762 |
| took place at | Raphanea (moneying) | CGR307294 |
-- adds no useful info in this case, but in other cases the types are important
-- the "by/at" above could even print as 2 labels "made by, made at": due to {jira:RS-1231}

h3. CGR307294

You can find this object by searching "from Raphanea \[BM Place\]" (it's 1 of 5).
- (!) Mitac bug {jira:RS-1307}\#1,2
duplicate superproperty elimination doesn't work properly:
-- P48_has_preferred_identifier (subprop of P1_is_identified_by)
is printed as both Preferred identifier=CGR307294 and Indentifier=CGR307294
-- bmo:PX_inscription_position (subprop of P3_has_note)
is shown in "2. Inscription" as both "inscription position" and "note"
-- here's a more complicated case:
--- P56_bears_feature (subprop of P46_is_composed_of) is printed both as
*Made part* (made part: obverse) (made part: obverse), and
*Aspects* obverse:.. reverse:..
{noformat}<object/CGR307294> crm:P56_bears_feature <object/CGR307294/obverse>, <object/CGR307294/reverse>{noformat}
properties.txt requests both P46_is_composed_of (for Made part) and P56_bears_feature (for Aspects)
Puzzle: "obverse" is printed twice in "Made part" (the superprop), "reverse" is not printed. Maybe this can provide a clue for debugging?
-- P108i_was_produced_by (subprop of P31i_was_modified_by) is printed both as
*Production*: took place at: Raphanea
*Repaired*: Raphanea (Moneying): (Moneying)
but should be printed as
*Production*: took place at: Raphanea (Moneying)
<object/CGR307294> crm:P108i_was_produced_by <object/CGR307294/production/3>.
crm:P2_has_type <thesauri/production/moneying>;
crm:P7_took_place_at <place/x116760>;
-- P17_was_motivated_by (subprop of P15_was_influenced_by) is printed both as
*influenced by*: Emperor Caracalla
*motivated by*: Emperor Caracalla ( Ruler)
It seems you didn't follow this statement at the end of [Complete Museum Object#Remove Shortcut Property of Association]:
do "Remove Inferred Superproperty" *before* "Remove Shortcut Property of Association": Associations are stated at the most specific level, and you don't want to kill the subproperty prematurely
-- P65_shows_visual_item (subproperty of P128_carries) is printed both in
*Inscriptions & Images on Object*, and as
*Refers to*: Emperor Caracalla (twice)
<object/CGR307294> crm:P65_shows_visual_item <object/CGR307294/image/1>, <object/CGR307294/inscription/3>.
<object/CGR307294/image/1> crm:P138_represents <person-institution/140650>.
<object/CGR307294/inscription/3> crm:P138_represents <person-institution/140650>.
Together with the following it makes 3 printed values instead of 1
*Depicts*: Emperor Caracalla
<object/CGR307294> crm:P62_depicts <person-institution/140650>.
{jira: RS-1318}
- (!) Mitac bug
Object has 14 PX_display_wrap but the form displays only 7 P3_has_note.
Maybe something is wrong with duplicate superproperty elimination (removes too much).
|| object || form ||
| "Associated Person (Depicted - II) :: Caracalla ::", \\
"Associated Person (Named in Inscription) :: Caracalla ::", \\
"Authority Assocication K :: Caracalla ::", \\
"Bibliograpic reference :: BMC Greek (Galatia) p267.1 ::", \\
"Consists of :: copper alloy ::", \\
"Dimension Diameter :: 23.00mm ::", \\
"Dimension Die Axis :: 12.00oc ::", \\
"Dimension Weight :: 10.61g ::", \\
"Object type :: coin ::", \\
"Produced in state :: Roman Empire ::", \\
"Production date :: 211-217 ::", \\
"Production Period / Culture :: Roman Provincial ::", \\
"Subject :: classical deity ::", \\
"Subject :: emperor/empress ::"; | note: Associated Person (Named in Inscription) :: Caracalla :: \\
note: Consists of :: copper alloy :: \\
note: Dimension Diameter :: 23.00mm :: \\
note: Dimension Weight :: 10.61g :: \\
note: Produced in state :: Roman Empire :: \\
note: Production date :: 211-217 :: \\
note: Subject :: emperor/empress :: |

- Punctuation/view:
-- No need to prefix each note with "note: "
-- Production association: "( Ruler)": space is in the wrong place
- Inscriptions & Images on Object:
-- Don't insert " of " between P2_has_type and P138_represents:
"Named in inscription & portrayed *of* Emperor Caracalla"
-- Print P2_has_type or bmo:PX_inscription_type in the gray cell, eg
| *print this* | *instead of that* |
|| 1. Named in inscription & portrayed || 1. ||
| Emperor Caracalla | Named in inscription & portrayed of Emperor Caracalla |
- (Aspect notes are missing: already reported above)
- (!) UTF-8 encoding problem {jira:RS-1299}
"ΑVΤΚΜΑ ΑΝΤΩΝΙΝΟC" appears as "?V???? ????????C" in the form
- "Made part" and "Repaired" sould *not* appear as separate sections, as explained in [BM RForms Mockup#Notation and Punctuation]:
subsubsubsection headers: used only to ease comprehension and provide hyperlink anchor: not displayed on the form\!
They should be rows in the Production table. Jana: need to test this with 115K, no appropriate data in 8K
- Production "falls within"
|| data || term || thesaurus || note ||
| {noformat}<object/CGR307294/production/2>
P10_falls_within <thesauri/x109511>
{noformat} | Roman Provincial | Material Culture | shown ok |
| {noformat}<object/CGR307294/production/5>
{noformat} | Roman Empire | Political State | subprop of P10, but is disconnected. \\
Josh bug {jira:RS-1301} |

h2. Ivan testing notes

h3. PPA373789
What to look for:
- I'm not sure the details of Production are ok
- check what are the prefLabels in the person-institution thesaurus. Small discrepancies:
-- search result: "by Renesse, Constantyn Daniël van"
-- object view: "carried out by Renesse, Constantyn à (Printing)"
-- display wrap: "Acquisition (from-to) :: Smith, William to The British Museum ::"
-- object view: "transferred title from Messrs Smith (Purchased from)"

Found bug: UpdateThesauri procedure generates multiple prefLabels

Results of testing PPA373789 object view:
!test object view of PPA373789 screen 1.png!
!test object view of PPA373789 screen 2.png!
!test object view of PPA373789 screen 3.png!

not OK (NOK) description:
# Word "Etching" should not be on a newline. bmo:PX_physical_description is:
"Portrait of an unidentified man; turned in profile to the right; wearing a ruff and a hat (turban?) Etching".
Vlado: there *are* 2 newlines in the actual data file PD_16.trig. Guess I removed them when extracting the Ttl.
Jana should remove double <br>: {jira:RS-1152}
# The format is label(type:note) but label is missing so the rest looks confusing when left in brackets. Omit brackets?
Vlado: Your analysis is correct, but let's leave it as is: NuxeoID is something that we've generated for internal purposes (it doesn't come from BM data), and the peculiar parentheses visually set this out
# Multiple prefLabels not allowed. Since repo procedure generates multiple prefLabels {jira:RS-1040}
it picks one "at random" from these 3:
"Messrs Smith, Name Date :: 1835-1848 ::, Smith, W & G, Smith, William, W & G Smith"
and picks a different one at search result display
# Multiple prefLabels both in ecrm:P2_has_type and in ecrm:P14_carried_out_by
values of scos:prefLabels are correspondingly:
"Printing, Printing, Printing" - Isn't this supposed to be collapsed to one entry since the same value 3 times?
"Renesse, Constantijn Daniel van, Renesse, Constantyn Daniël van, Renesse, Constantyn à"
Vlado: What problem do you see here? Renesse is printed only once, isn't he?
Ivan: There is no problem with the object view. This NOK has the same origin as NOK 3.
# Same as NOK 4 but on Forest scos:prefLabel is missing in Inference "Explicit only". It only shows the rdfs:label "Rembrandt". But when viewed in Inference "Explicit and implicit" the scos:prefLabel AND the rdfs:label are "Rembrandt, Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn, Rijn, Rembrandt van". Why this disparity in rdfs:label in the two Inferences?
Vlado: Same as 4: what problem do you see here?
Ivan: Same as explained in NOK4.
# Redundancy in displaying "Rijn, Rembrandt van (Printing)". Bug report created: {jira:RS-1428}
# I cannot locate the "Circle/School of". Maybe this is due to the fact that in Forest Inference "Explicit and implicit" I could not check all the list entries of The prop ecrm:P12i_was_present_at points to zillion nodes and prevents me from seeing past it further down the list.

h2. More Tests

h3. YCA79827
After appropriate [FR Enhancements] is implemented, test that this object is "found at Qasr Ibrim Nubia"

h3. RFM2050
- attached: [^RFM2050.ttl].
- RS forest: [RFM2050|] (BM forest is currently not online)

# Redundancy not removed. In Acquisition:
#- motivated by Riaz Rabbani (In Memory of) : more specific (shows association code)
#- motivated by Riaz Rabbani : redundant, should not appear
# P128_carries (Associated Title) is not shown
See [BM RForms Mockup#About (things Depicted, Referred)] footnote 32; [BM Association Mapping#Associated Title]
# bmo:PX_object_exhibition_label not shown
Recently added to [BM RForms Mockup#Collection, Exhibitions, Series, Type Series] footnote 47
# P12i_was_present_at <exhibition/Tales-wile-away-the-night> is not shown
See [BM RForms Mockup#Events, Made For]
{jira:RS-1733} for Josh
{jira:RS-1734} for Jana