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h1. Document Detail

The *Document Detail* screen provides a detailed view of the document you have selected from the retrieved document results. It consists of two fields. The document feature list shows additional information (metadata) about the document and the *Body* field - the text of the document.

The example below displays the result of a *Facets* search for Barack Obama and Hamas.

h3. Document features field

!_Images for reuse^DD_feat_field.png|border=1!

The document feature list provides the following metadata about the selected document: date, title, source (news agency), language, author, URL, key phrases (words or phrases considered characteristic of the selected document), and key entities (named entities that are statistically rare in the document set and therefore are considered to be particularly characteristic of the selected document).

h3. Body field

The *Body* field displays the content of the retrieved document. All entities that were specified in the search criteria are marked as hyperlinks. If you follow these hyperlinks, you can see the entity description of the respective entities. In the example below, the entity "Barack Obama" appears as a hyperlink.

!_Images for reuse^DD_body_field.png|border=1!

To view all entities recognized in the document content, click *Show all document entities* in the top right corner of the *Document Detail* screen. This shows all entities recognized in the text with hyperlinks to their entity description.

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!_Images for reuse^DD_body_field2.png|border=1!

To return to the default view, you can click *Show searched entities only* and you can see again only the selected entities in the content of the document.