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|| Search paradigms || Description ||
|{contentbylabel:concept_search|showLabels=false|maxResults=99|showSpace=false|excerpt=true|sort=title|reverse=false} | [*Ontology*|Ontology navigation#_Ontology navigation] provides a tool for thoroughly exploring the ontology classes of entities and their properties ([PROTON Ontology|]). The *Ontology* navigation paradigm introduces you to a given domain and helps you create relevant patterns for searching in the data set (especially in the *Structure* paradigm).\\ \\
[*Structure*|Structure#_Structure] and [*Patterns*|Patterns#_Patterns] provide complex tools for retrieving information. Instead of looking for strings of characters in the content of the document set, like the [*Keyword search paradigm*|Keyword search paradigm], conceptual search paradigms search over the graph of the knowledge base and therefore can retrieve entities, as well as documents containing these entities.|