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{tip} If you're looking for information about... how KIM works, see the [Administrator's guide]

The User's Guide shows you how to explore step by step the KIM Platform functionalities through the Web UI and see how it works over a semantic database consisting of multiple sources of international and business news.

This KIM showcase is called *Latest News* and can be found at:
h2. In this section

This section contains reference material about {excerpt}the KIM Platform, including the search and navigation paradigms, types of search results and how to explore them in detail.{excerpt}

| [!_Images for reuse^Introduction.JPG|thumbnail,width=22,height=22!|Introduction] [Introduction] | An [overview|Introduction] of the web application, its search and navigation tools and technology.|
| [!_Images for reuse^Keywords.JPG|thumbnail,width=22,height=22!|Keyword search paradigm] [Keyword search paradigm] | A [full-text search|Keyword search paradigm] tool for searching in the document content, features and structure.|
| [!_Images for reuse^Concept.jpg|thumbnail,width=22,height=22!|Conceptual search and navigation paradigms] [Conceptual search and navigation paradigms] | Complex [tools|Conceptual search and navigation paradigms] for retrieving information from a knowledge base, as well as documents containing this information.|
| [!_Images for reuse^Combination.jpg|thumbnail,width=22,height=22!|Combined search paradigms] [Combined search paradigms] | Advanced [tools|Combined search paradigms] for retrieving information about entities, points in time or time intervals, and terms that appear together in the same context in the document set. |
| [!_Images for reuse^Search.jpg|thumbnail,width=22,height=22!|Search results] [Search results] | Information about the three kinds of [search results|Search results] produced by the different search tools. |
| [!_Images for reuse^Detail.jpg|thumbnail,width=22,height=22!|Results detail] [Results detail] | Options for further [navigation and exploration|Results detail] of the retrieved search results. |