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{info}This section is for server administrators{info}
{tip} If you're looking for information about... writing code for the platform, see [Developer's guide].

This guide is if you have already decided that you want to try KIM on your local machine.

h2. In this section
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| [!_Images for reuse^setup_environment.JPG|thumbnail,width=22,height=22!|Setting up the environment] [Setting up the environment] | Information about the possible [hardware configurations|Recommended hardware configuration] of the server(s) that host KIM and [how to configure the JVM|Configuring the Java Virtual Machine hosting the KIM server]. |
| [!_Images for reuse^LegoBlocks.png|thumbnail,width=22,height=22!|Configuring the repositories] [Configuring the repositories] | Information about how to [select|Selecting Semantic Repository] and [configure|Configuring the Semantic Repository] your semantic and [document|Configuring the Document Repository] repositories.|
| [!_Images for reuse^servlet.JPG|thumbnail,width=22,height=22!|Enabling or disabling the integrated servlet container] [Enabling or disabling the integrated servlet container] | Information about how to enable or disable [Jetty|].|
| [!_Images for reuse^remote_connection.JPG|thumbnail,width=22,height=22!|Configuring remote connection] [Configuring remote connection] | Information about how to enable remote connection to the server using Java RMI. |
| [!_Images for reuse^population.jpg|thumbnail,width=22,height=22!|Population] [Population] | The tool for [populating|Population] a KIM Server with documents. |
| [!_Images for reuse^web_apps.png|thumbnail,width=22,height=22!|Web applications] [Web applications] | Information about [KIM web applications|Web applications] and how to install and maintain them. |
| [!_Images for reuse^rdf_tools.jpg|thumbnail,width=22,height=22!|RDF tools] [RDF tools] | The tools for [importing|RDF Import tool] RDF from a variety of formats and for [exporting|RDF Export tool] results into RDF XML or N-Triple files. |
| [!_Images for reuse^custom.JPG|thumbnail,width=24,height=24!|KIM extensions] [KIM extensions] | A list of KIM plug-ins. |
| [!_Images for reuse^config.png|thumbnail,width=22,height=22!|Configuring Logging] [Configuring Logging] | Your primary source for getting information when experience trouble running KIM.\\
\\ |
| [KIM Server Backup and Restore]|Instructions how to backup and restore the KIM server. |
| [KIM Server clear cache guide]|Instructions how to clear the already generated indexes and all kinds of cache, as well as the logs, in order to be able to more easily diagnose if problems arise. |