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{excerpt}*Bulgariana* is an Europeana aggregator that contributes Bulgarian cultural heritage{excerpt}

Bulgariana initiative is supported by Ontotext !Ontotext-logo.JPG!
and partially sponsored by !ITCC-logo.JPG! Korean-Bulgarian IT Cooperation Center.

h1. Mission Statement
[] will be a Bulgarian aggregator to [Europeana|] that will include
- Public website
- Confluence for discussion, technical materials, coordination and collaboration
- Digital repository for storing and presenting digitized cultural heritage
- Conversion/ingestion tools for converting objects to the required Europeana formats (ESE and in the future EDM)
- OAI/PMH endpoint for serving content to Europeana
- Semantic search using [OWLIM|] (in the future)

h1. Collections of Bulgarian Cultural Heritage
- Collection of Bulgarian Folklore
- Iconography
- Medieval church-slavonic texts

h1. Collections of Bulgarian Cultural Heritage to be published in Europeana via Bulgariana

- British Museum collection of Bulgarian Cultural Heritage
- British Museum collection of Korean Cultural Heritage

For inquiries and expression of interest, please email to or to

h1. Related Materials

- [The Future of the Past - Horizon 2020|]
- [FP7 - ICT Call 9 - Digicult|]
- [FP7 - CIP PSP Call 6 |]
- [The New Renaissance |^Новият Ренесанс (executive summary).pdf]
- [Cost of Digitizing Europe's Cultural Heritage |^Cost of Digitising Europe's Cultural Heritage.pdf]