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There is a wealth of digital collections of Bulgarian cultural heritage.
They are typically created and maintained by museums, but also by research institutes, government organizations and private people. Here are some of them:

- [Map of sites in Bulgaria|]
- [Bulgarian collection in F-Museum|]
- [Kjustendil Museum|]
- [SU Digital|]
- [SU Digital|]
- [Plovdiv Archaeological Museum|]
- [Varna Archaeological Museum|]
- [TELAMON Ancient Greek Inscriptions|]
- "Bell Know" Fund: Digital Repository of Bells - Galina Bogdanova, Todor Todorov, Nikolay Noev (IMI-BAS)
- Bulgarian Folk Songs in a Digital Library - Lozanka Peycheva (Institute for Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum, BAS), Nikolay Kirov (IMI-BAS)
- [Multimedia Digital Libraries|]
- [Virtual Bulgaria|]
- [Nessebar in the World Cartographic Heritage|]