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Ideas for UI navigation: see [Nuxeo screenshots]
Wireframes only structural movements suggested I will add more notes tonight.
Our main idea is that we should be looking at a more web app based design look and feel and to get away from the tree structure system.
I have used the same nav elements as from Maria's mock ups (linked above)

h1. Project overview page (proposed no current mock up in nuxeo)

!Screen shot 2012-01-10 at 11.11.42.png!

h1. Option 1 Museum objects layout

!Screen shot 2012-01-10 at 11.11.36.png!

h1. Option 2 Museum objects layout

!Screen shot 2012-01-10 at 11.11.26.png!

h1. Using a framework


Please load the dashboard.html file to view

h1. Design mockups

This shows general look and feel as well as layout, this is based as much as possible on [Marias mock up|Annotation Spec#Data Annotation Mock-ups]. It should not be looked at on a per field basis but as a general concept. Exact fields / naming should be worked out with Ontotext. This is for look and feel purposes. For example if more filtering is needed then there is a look here for a dropdown filter and this would be used.
- It shows how the navigation principles can be adapted to a more user based interface, with common points such as basket in the top right and application function in a top bar. It also shows levels of navigation and some changes to the tabs which would be shown on the record page.
- Top line of navigation is functional and more application focused. Workspaces is used to switch between projects and well as adding projects. It contains main actions related to workspaces. Tools allows the user to swap between different tools easily from a list. Username shows user admin eg log out management of profiles etc.
- Logo / name of institution grouped into one section showing you are at all times using the research space
- Main navigation follows the folder structure on nuxeo that Maria had set out with the addition of "Overview" or could be named project dashboard see [wireframe|#Project overview page (proposed no current mock up in nuxeo)].
- Dynamic Breadcrumb follows the user journey. In the current nuxeo demo when you view relations you are shunted over folders to images and the breadcrumb reflects this making the only navigation back to the record the back button. I am hoping we can find a way to use the breadcrumb to show that you came from the record.
- Page title Indicates the name of the record
- Page tabs will additionally have original record view after discussion with Dominic for the need to have a view of an un altered record.
- Quick navigation dropdown allows you to skip to the part of the record you are interested in.
- Left column shows record information. This has editable fields as well as expansion points, this is to show how the different levels of expansion are possible. Please look at this a concept rather than each filed title etc. It shows how sections would be labelled as well as subsection and fields. There are also expansion controls indicated on the mockup, there are two levels of expansion / contraction. Main section contraction which could make the record very short, or per sub section expansion.If possible it would be better to change the data chunking so fields which have the same title eg exhibition were grouped into a section rather than stating exhibition 5 times.
- Middle column shows annotation (after discussion with dominic there would not be tabs and all would be together, more like a stream). This shows you the section "Type" is highlighted in the details the annotation layer is only showing in formation attached to "Type"
- On loading the annotation it could show all the annotations in collapsed format.
- Right column shows the images and documents associated with the record.
- Add to data basket maybe changed as Dominic feels you need to do this on a per field basis rather than a whole record.
- Dominic suggets instead of 3 buttons to signify the different annotation types that there was just one and the user chose the type in the annotation widget? The 3 button approach seems slightly hard coded.


h1. Dominics annotations of the UI

·         More filtering should be available (Author, Project Team (registry), Annotation type, Field, Date, All)

·         There should be specific text search for the annotations  

·         I assume that if to click on an annotation that the related field in the record will come into focus.

·         If there is too much text then will there be an expanded view.

·         The annotation type controls will need to be in the annotation control (how will linked annotations be dealt with (ie. You might need to search for a link if you don’t have it in your basket already.)

·         Need for a field search (as well as section navigation)\\

On the link annotation the options might be that the researcher has a record ID and can specific that, or the ID and the field name so that the link be to a specific field. If these are not to hand then an additional search may be required.\\

On all links then there needs to be a place to put what Ontotext calls the disposition status. This should be proposed by default. !Screen shot 2012-01-16 at 17.00.02.png|border=1!