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27.IMAGECOMP.R1 R3.5 Load image
27.IMAGECOMP.R1-1 R3.5 -          The image loader should allow upload of an image from a local computer or allow a user to select an image from a ResearchSpace Digital Asset library.
27.IMAGECOMP.R1-2 R3.5 -          The loader should allow two images which are loaded into two layers
27.IMAGECOMP.R1-3 R3.5 -          Should be possible to switch the two layers
27.IMAGECOMP.R2 R3.5 Image Modification
27.IMAGECOMP.R2-1 R3.5 -          Operate on the selected layer / image (no high-resolution images)
27.IMAGECOMP.R2-2 R3.5 -          Resize allows an image to be resized using image handles.
27.IMAGECOMP.R2-3 R3.5 -          Rotate allows an image to be rotated using a rotation handle.
27.IMAGECOMP.R3 R3.5 Layer Selection
27.IMAGECOMP.R3-1 R3.5 -          The user can select the thumbnail to select the layer that they wish to manipulate. Selecting a layer highlights the thumbnail background to show the selected image.
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