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12.DATAENTRY.R1 RS3.2 The data entry form is a data entry screens that reflect the ResearchSpace data templates which are mapped to CIDOC-CRM
12.DATAENTRY.R2 RS3.2 Contributions of data and assets should be supported through the online data entry form configured to meet individual project requirements and accessible using a project user account.
12.DATAENTRY.R3 RS3.2 The form should be generated through a wizard allowing the project administrator to determine the fields required for research
12.DATAENTRY.R4 RS3.2 The Project Administrator should be able to specify the ResearchSpace default ‘house’ taxonomies or taxonomies available from other projects. Data automatically converted using the ResearchSpace business process gateway would also ingest the underlying taxonomies using the SKOS standard with the CRM framework
12.DATAENTRY.R5 RS3.2 The potential extent of supported fields depends upon the current status of the ResearchSpace data template and what has already been mapped to the CIDOC-CRM. As such, a project will configure the online form by selecting the available fields for presentation to data providers who will use it.
12.DATAENTRY.R6 RS3.2 The form will provide a facility for creating new records, saving data in the RS staging area and then modifying or deleting it before indicating that the record is ready for import into the system.
12.DATAENTRY.R7 RS3.2 The form should provide validation on data when new records are created/ edited.
12.DATAENTRY.R8 RS3.? New records are highlighted in the Project Administrator’s Dashboard and the Project Administrator can monitor the process and see when the status changes to indicate that the data is ready for assigning a project status
12.DATAENTRY.R9 RS3.? Fields not supported by ResearchSpace should be added to the appropriate template and mapped to CIDOC-CRM.
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