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11.WEBMIGR.R1 RS3.2 Deconstruct the Cranach website (or the designs for the Cranach website if the website itself is not available), establishing site structure, URL space and functional elements
11.WEBMIGR.R2 RS3.2 Establish the content needed to support the web pages
11.WEBMIGR.R3 RS3.2 Draft RDF-based interface for retrieving content from the ResearchSpace repository
11.WEBMIGR.R4 RS3.2 Establish method for linking to the server holding the Cranach images, incorporate in larger ResearchSpace architecture if possible
11.WEBMIGR.R5 RS3.2 Reconstruct the Cranach website functional elements appropriately for the ResearchSpace framework if necessary
11.WEBMIGR.R6 RS3.2 Finalise and implement data interface
11.WEBMIGR.R7 RS3.2 Test site

There were not requirements found in the ResearchSpace Specification and these requirements are extracted from the ResearchSpace Tender Offer.

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