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10.DMIGR.R1 RS3.1 Determine candidate metadata export formats for the two collections (expected to be XML, but will need to assess suitability especially in the case of Gallery Systems TMS exports via Crystal Reports which are not well structured for migration)
10.DMIGR.R2 RS3.1 Determine ingest or access route for any documents, images, or other digital assets (Expected to include an IIP Image Server for Cranach images)
10.DMIGR.R3 RS3.1 Develop provisional mappings (crosswalks) with CIDOC CRM.  Opportunities will be sought to map via standards such as SPECTRUM.
10.DMIGR R4 RS3.1 Select and configure conversion tools (in conjunction with 3.2.25)
10.DMIGR R5 RS3.1 Run trial conversions
10.DMIGR R6 RS3.1 Discuss mappings and conversions with participants if required
10.DMIGR.R7 RS3.1 Refine mappings and tools
10.DMIGR.R8 RS3.1 Run second iteration
25.DATAGATEWAY.R1 RS3.5 Convert the Cranach and Rembrandt collections data to CIDOC-CRM

There were not requirements found in the ResearchSpace Specification and these requirements are extracted from the ResearchSpace Tender Offer.

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