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ResearchSpace tender for

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The British Museum, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG, metro Russel Square.

  • BM is the world's oldest museum. 6M visitors, 13M online
  • Free attendance
  • part of Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS), Same department runs the Olympics 2012 , British Library, etc
  • Samsung and Korean Air are sponsors of BM providing digital guides, digital signage, money, etc.
  • Currently expanding (constructing new building): World Conservation and Exhibition Center, including exhibitions, logistics (for big trucks), storage rooms.
  • has 2M objects on display, and 5M in storage . 2M are recorded in their collection system
  • budget for running costs: 41M GBP per year. Decreased by 2M last year, decreasing by 8.5M over next 2 years
  • RS funding is from the Mellon foundation

Client Staff

  • Dominic Oldman, BM deputy head IS, BM lead for IS Development. Product Owner who will sign off elements of the Project
  • Katherine Miller,, t 0207 323 8418, m 07976 737 658: PM 3d/w but works on 3 projects
  • Steven Davies, and M Lewis: procurement
  • Dr Austin Nevin: Mellon fellow, PM of Courtauld project MFPMFP ("embryonic ResearchSpace"). Quality Assurance, Senior Client, will be looking at client issues. Lots of experience, should be consulted often. He's in Italy but travels to London regularly
  • Martin Doerr, FORTH-ICS Centre for Cultural Informatics (GR): lead for CIDOC CRM. May be contracted by BM for ontology work
  • Seme4: contracted for research/consulting. Did test export of BM data (Merlin) to CRM in RKBExplorer (3Store; Mentions 4Store). Subcontracted people from SotonU
  • Hugh Glaser (SotonU): RKBExplorer creator, worked on the BM export
  • RS Advisory board: 16 people. Volunteers (even pay their own travel expenses) but can provide valuable feedback


  • Stage 3 grant (from Mellon, see RS Docs#Grant Proposals: 442.6k EUR (650k USD)
  • development: 200.6k to 290k EUR (180 to 260k GBP)
    • therefore 45 to 65% of the grant is allocated to development
    • The budget is actually the high end, but BM may contract for a smaller amount if we feel it's better value for the money


  • published 3.6.2011
  • bidders conference 16.6 in London (Vlado)
  • tender deadline 8.7.2011
  • vendor demos 11-15.7. It's not a demo, but an interview/pitch. If a vendor wants to demo some working system then even better, but that is not required
  • decision 29.7
  • negotiation 1.8
  • contract 1.9
  • period of execution:
    • the Stage3 grant is "12 months from January 2010"
    • BM desired period is 6m, but can be increased to 8-9 months if vendors ask for it. BM is asking for recommendations

Our Team

Ontotext: lead

  • Vlado: overall responsible, writing, estimates
  • Mariana, Svetlio: writing, CRM, try to do some demo with BM data
  • Kami: contractual
  • PavelCh: architecture, research Nuxeo
  • Naso: architecture
  • Bobi, MarinN: check estimates

ITT will participate in writing proportionally to project share

  • Jana: architecture, estimates
  • MariaT, IliyanaA:

SS : not clear yet

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