Replication Cluster Node Layout Cheat Sheet

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App base – Web application server's base directory

  • $CATALINA_BASE in the case of Tomcat

Aduna base – Aduna base directory

Aduna logs – Aduna logging directory

  • default under Linux/UNIX is <Aduna base>/openrdf-sesame/logs/
  • overriden through the info.aduna.logging.dir system property

Logback configuration

  • Distribution: <App base>/webapps/openrdf-sesame/WEB-INF/classes/logback.xml
  • Effective: <Aduna base>/openrdf-sesame/conf/logback.xml

Repository <xyz>'s data directory

  • <Aduna base>/openrdf-sesame/repositories/xyz

Repository <xyz>'s storage directory

  • <Aduna base>/openrdf-sesame/repositories/xyz/storage

Master <xyz>'s transaction log

  • <Aduna base>/openrdf-sesame/repositories/xyz/txlog

Master <xyz>'s backup folder

  • <Aduna base>/openrdf-sesame/repositories/xyz/backup
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