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Version 6.2.3 (included with Graphdb 6.0-RC6)

  • [OWLIM-1767] Creating repository in SE results in an exception for missing repository type
  • [OWLIM-1754] Changing the location should properly shutdown the internal repository manager
  • [OWLIM-1751] Restarting tomcat with workbench connected to the graphdb server in the same tomcat results in a deadlock
  • [OWLIM-1744] Deleting location with current repository lock files
  • [OWLIM-1743] Disable menu items that require a selected repository
  • [OWLIM-1742] Update current repository after deleting
  • [OWLIM-1735] Double click on the Save button results in multiple requests in Chrome
  • [OWLIM-1718] Redesign the system info view to be compact
  • [OWLIM-1717] Show the number of statements in the repository in a popover
  • [OWLIM-1708] Editing repository properties
  • [OWLIM-1706] Explicitly state the impex directory
  • [OWLIM-1694] OwlimManagementBean should be split into a bean that is used only in the views and other methods should be moved in GraphdbRepositoriesService
  • [OWLIM-1667] Allow editing of saved queries/updates with security.enabled=false
  • [OWLIM-1662] Change the view to say connected and ON/OFF instead of disconnected
  • [OWLIM-1636] As a user I need to connect to repository without affecting the other users
  • [OWLIM-1635] Show context in the resource view
  • [OWLIM-1064] Cannot delete a repo if only one exists - you cannot disconnect from it

Version 6.1.0:

  • Latest version of Forest Framework 2.3.1
  • OWLIM-1598 "The page you're looking for could not be found exception" thrown on wrong occasion
  • OWLIM-1635 Show context in the resource view
  • OWLIM-1637 When create repository connect to it only if first
  • OWLIM-1644 Connector sparql query with unknown facet leads to an error which is not returned to the user
  • OWLIM-1646 Edit repository configuration does not consistently save the changes made
  • OWLIM-1647 When the name of the repository is big enough the icons go on the next line and I cannot click them
  • OWLIM-1673 Using GraphDB Workbench I am unable to open master created with Sesame Workbench
  • OWLIM-1674 GraphDB Workbench SE display only one template
  • OWLIM-1676 Warning appears trying to abort a query
  • OWLIM-1681 NullPointerException when try to edit an existing repository
  • OWLIM-1686 The trig mime type from the export view is incorrect
  • OWLIM-1687 Unable to add Lucene connector to a cluster with two workers
  • OWLIM-1689 Unable to edit repository if there is only one
  • OWLIM-1696 Saving malformed queries just clears the textarea
  • OWLIM-1698 Detect sesame server in the same container and add it as a default location for graphdb workbench
  • OWLIM-1700 When special predicates are inserted it says Update operation has no effect
  • OWLIM-1713 Should not edit master repository
  • OWLIM-1721 Inconsistency check failed but details are missing
  • OWLIM-1722 Custom ruleset doesn't work as expected in the create repository view

Version 6.0.2:

  • Latest version of Forest Framework - 2.2.1
  • OWLIM-1618 Federated query toward Workbench SPARQL endpoint does not work
  • OWLIM-1617 Workbench crashes when adding a remote sesame location which is not responding
  • OWLIM-1597 Query the system repository
  • OWLIM-1596 Cannot connect a worker to a master when worker is deployed using owlim workbench
  • OWLIM-1423 issue when creating new repo
  • OWLIM-1063 Make security more granular
  • L-2201 GraphDB 'Failed to lock directory' bug
  • FOREST-2431 Bump the version of codemirror and new features from their latest release
  • FOREST-2425 The workbench should log error messages in the logger from the sesame endpoints
  • FOREST-2423 Workbench error when remotely delete&create a repository
  • FOREST-2409 Respect the projection order in the results view
  • FOREST-2397 The swagger view is searching it's resources in the ROOT context which is not always the case
  • FOREST-2389 Support query monitoring of remote GraphDB instance
  • FOREST-2382 Repositories view reports an invalid repository url for remote locations
  • FOREST-2381 Attach sesame spring mvc interceptors in the workbench configuration
  • FOREST-2380 Sparql query line numbers don't match
  • FOREST-2359 Return error message in machine readable format when exception occurred in sesame server
  • FOREST-2358 Workbench update error message cluttered by exception names

Version 6.0.1 (included in Graphdb 6.0.0-RC4):

  • FOREST-2389 Support query monitoring of remote GraphDB instance
  • FOREST-2385 Create acceptance testing infrastructure and verify all tasks from owlim workbench 6.0.1 sprint
  • FOREST-2384 Deleting of remote Repository is not working
  • FOREST-2382 Repositories view reports an invalid repository url for remote locations
  • FOREST-2379 Impex import button tries to call the load action with invalid URI
  • FOREST-2378 Cannot open resources from SPARQL result view when no context
  • FOREST-2377 Create a view in which users can test the API out through swagger UI
  • FOREST-2376 Spike task on swagger - test if it works with FOREST controllers
  • FOREST-2375 Use swagger for documentation generation of the endpoints and clients in different languages(script support)
  • FOREST-2372 The enterprise edition of the workbench shouldn't include the SE repository type
  • FOREST-2369 NullPointerException on repository create in owlim workbench
  • FOREST-2367 Regress in navigation/page-ing of SPARQL result list - just the first page could be loaded
  • FOREST-2366 There should be a progress bar or something for the list of repositories
  • FOREST-2365 Replication starting doesn't work when the master repository is created in the workbench
  • FOREST-2364 System monitoring does not work in FactForge
  • FOREST-2360 When creating a repository with sail type master in workbench enterprise, it gives me the parameter for a worker configuration
  • FOREST-2359 Return error message in machine readable format when exception occurred in sesame server
  • FOREST-2358 Workbench update error message cluttered by exception names
  • FOREST-2344 As a user I need a data upload form with all features from Sesame Workbench
  • FOREST-2343 The owlim impex directory should be scanned recursively for files
  • FOREST-2342 Allow importing of gziped RDF files
  • FOREST-2338 Not possible to run two independent OWLIM Workbenches under the same user
  • FOREST-2332 The rest call to create a repository is allowing duplicates which are then shown in the UI
  • FOREST-2331 I am able to create the repository successfuly but the previous method for selecting it doesn't work
  • FOREST-2330 As a user of the workbench I should be able to deploy it with an initial repository setup from a ttl file
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