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Version 3.0.0

  • S-155 As a user of the connectors I should be able to specify that I don't want the schema created for me so I can have control
  • S-91 Wrong snippets when query is for specific field
  • S-107 Reuse connector add form for editable connector details
  • S-106 Support for complex options with child options in backend and UI
  • S-34 Real-time synchronisation for ElasticSearch
  • S-92 Fields that are indexed through chain are not indexed when new triples of the chain are added
  • S-59 Add support for property paths to the JSON configuration
  • S-108 As a user I need to create connector as copy from current
  • S-117 Entity filters don't evaluate properly for OR
  • S-80 Cannot create SOLR connector with solrCore option
  • S-62 Support for property paths in Lucene4
  • S-61 Support for property paths in SOLR
  • S-68 Create separate field for sorting of multi valued fields in solr
  • S-65 Add repair capability for connectors for quick recreation of index with the same options
  • S-127 Clear form does not work after user input
  • S-93 Exception when a facet is requested when there is no field for it in SOLR due to missing data
  • S-58 Property paths for the real-time synchronisation
  • S-144 Split the :options predicate into multiple individual predicates
  • S-145 Split namespace into separate instance and control namespaces
  • S-146 Migrate connectors to GraphDB 6.0
  • S-98 As I user I need to ask the Connector plugin which are the existing fields
  • S-70 As a user of the solr plugin I should be allowed to not specify the field in which I am searching
  • S-69 As GraphDB Connectors user I need a way to discover which are the available connector types (solr, lucene)
  • S-113 Proper fingerprint tracking for external stores
  • S-133 As I user I need to know that the name of connector is actually part of a URI
  • S-130 Migration tool that will be able to transform the old create index queries to the new format
  • S-135 Load external plugins with separate classloader
  • S-87 As a user I want to filter chain values based on it's type
  • S-101 Make the existing opitonalJoins more flexible, i.e. turn it into a proper filter of the kind "only sync if the property has a value X, or the value X has a property Y with value Z"
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