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HA Cluster

The master/slave architecture of the cluster allows it to scale horizontally by introducing more workers and also ensures availability. We call the master 'Coordinator' and the slave nodes 'Workers'.


  • Load balances /extract requests
  • Load balances dictionary updates
  • Manages update feeds
  • Manages worker dictionary queries


  • Keeps track of its dictionaries fingerprint
  • Creates a pool of pipelines
  • Serves extraction requests
  • Ability to update it's Gazetteer and Metadata PR SPARQL queries
  • Ability to reload the whole pipeline dictionary

Dynamic updates

  • Multiple retries on failed update, full dictionary reload is triggered after a limit is hit (configurable)
  • EUF plug-in keeps track of updated entities and serves changelists through special SPARQL queries
  • Updates are kept track of via GraphDB's fingerprints
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