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Review of BM Association Mapping v2

Acquisition sub-event connected with inverse

Acquisition patterns (Transfer of Ownership and Change of Custody) connect both the main event and the sub-event to the object:

<obj> P24i_changed_ownership_through <obj/acquisition>.
<obj/acquisition> P9_consists_of <obj/acquisition/M>.
<obj/acquisition/M> P24_transferred_title_of <obj>. # not P24i

Why do you use P24 to connect the sub-event, instead of P24i that is used for the event?
This is a nitpicking since OWLIM infers P24i from P24, but for consistency and better interoperation with repos that don't infer inverses, it's better to use P24i in both cases.

Production sub-event not connected

Production patterns don't connect the sub-event to the object:

<obj> P108i_was_produced_by <obj/production>.
<obj/production> P9_consists_of <obj/production/M>.
<obj/production/M> P14_carried_out_by <person>. # P108i is missing

This is inconsistent with Acquisition, and makes it harder for us to find all sub-events. Please add P108i

Association is redundant when using a sub-event

Why use both EX_Association and P9_consists_of sub-event? Just put P2_has_type into the sub-event, don't use EX_Association

Closely Related Group

Take "produced by Workshop of Rembrandt".

  • Previously this was modeled as:
    Produced by E21_Person "Rembrandt" with Association "Workshop of"
  • Currently this is modeled as:
    Produced by E74_Group "Workshop of Rembrandt" with type "Workshop" and member E21_Person "Rembrandt"
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