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Notes from May 2013


This is same as part Dominic's manual (to best of our understanding)

Does it comply with BM's latest changes to modeling Association codes (esp re Acquisition, Production)?
BM Association Mapping v2. Dominic's document probably reflects this, but these are recent changes and I haven't checked.

If there is something else you need to get this to work with Research Space please let me know

Once it's compliant, we should:

  • try loading the data
  • load your thesauri. complete Getty or only the subset used by your objects?
  • create RForms for your objects


I am reviewing for any typos, missing types...

Have you tried Eyeball? See here: RDF Validation and Conversion#Eyeball,
We tried Eyeball, no luck have to contact dev community as we were not able to install it after number of tries. TBD.. 



  • pubby doesn’t show prefixes but "?:" - does same for BM, will try to fix
  • STRONGLY Suggest to have 1 URI per object, not 3 sameAs URIs - fixed, BM has multiple, followed their lead
  • crm:PX_* (e.g. crm:PX_display_wrap) is wrong, should be bmo:PX_* - fixed with: [|] 


  • use more logical URIs that don't reflect their genesis in existing systems. Eg
    <thesauri/event/exhibition_history> -> <thesauri/event/exhibition> (An exhibition is NOT "exhibition history")
    <thesauri/identifier/TMS/exhibition_history> -> <thesauri/identifier/exhibition> (doesn't matter your system is called TMS)
  • Getty thesauri: don't like that you use a YCBA-specific URI for Getty, eg
    This won't let your data mesh with other data using Getty.
    Haven't the Getty decided on an official namespace?


  • This is wrong, see image_objects_carriers@crmg

    TODO Vlado: write the correct one

  • this is wrong

Image Rights

  • This says nothing (has no fields)
  • this is all wrong
    • so simply use this:
    • better yet, use a CreativeCommons URI, since CC is a stronger authority about rights than YCBA

Object Rights

Non-RDF Resources

Resources at ODAI, including actual images


  • P30_transferred_custody_of is wrong direction Replaced with: P30i_custody_transferred_through 


  • useless intermediate node I adjusted our Subject terms to work same as BM, can be seen in file ObjectID = 34
    • just use
  • if you can't find a term during mapping, report an error, don't export it as "-1"  Emmanuelle, please have some students go through TMS, I exclude now anything that has -1
  • Emmanuelle there are cases where subjects are TGN where conceptID = 0, I will try to ignore example ObjectID = 34
  • ULAN, AAT, TGN URIs converted to Getty
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