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Does a search for a term include all narrower terms?

This is defined by FR Implementation: look for a loop at the last node. (When there are 2 diagrams, look at the right one)

  • Place: about: NO; created, located, found, from: YES.
    • I use P89_falls_within, so any object related a sub-place is also related to its super-places.
      So if you search with a super-place, it will find objects related to all its sub-places as well
  • Actor: owner/keeper, influenced, met, about, found: NO; created YES
    • The choice that "found" is not transitive is a bit arbitrary and means you can't search "found by British".
      The other choices I believe are reasonable
    • I use P107i_is_current_or_former_member_of, so you can search "created by Dutch" and will find objects by Rembrandt.
  • Concept: is/has/about (type): YES; made of (material), used technique: NO.
    • I use P127_has_broader_term, so a search with a broader term will return all narrower terms as well
    • The choice that material and technique are not transitive is arbitrary.
      I believe there's no hierarchy in BM Material and BM Technique, but have not checked recently.

If you want me to change something, please let me know.

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